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My heart is slowly dying. The one I love is oblivious. I don't understand why he would hurt me in this way. He loves her. He ditches me for her, yet i still love him. While his heart beats for another mine shall always beat for him

For Sting Eucliffe.

Yes you heard that right. Rogue Cheney the famous shadow dragon slayer loves Sting, the light dragon slayer, my polar opposite, my ying to his yang.

I will die in the next two months. Pass on to the underworld. The place of no forgiveness. I want sting to know how i feel. Yet nobody nows how i feel. Well except frosch my Exceed. For the next two months i will be writing to you Sting.  For you Sting.

Ten letters. Ten reasons why. Ten reasons why i love him. Ten reasons why i love you Sting.

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