Chapter 1

Jamie's POV

"C'mon, the party is back over there" I said laughing as Caleb pulled me through the woods. We've been together for almost a year now, and he wants to go abit faster. He leans me back against a tree and kisses me passionately. His hands start to go to my shirt.

"Caleb..." I start to say as his lips travel over my neck.

"Jamie, I think we are taking it too slow." he said pulling away.

"No, I've already told you, im waiting till I'm married." I said my hands on his shoulders.

"I dont neccesarly want to get married. I've waited a long time for you to be ready." Caleb argued back. My heart sunk to my stomac, he doesn't want to get married?

"Then I'm sorry." I replied removing my hands. He rubbed a hand through his hair. He gave me a stern look and turned around. "I guess we are over then." he walked straight back to the party, leaving me in the woods, all by myself. I slid down into a sitting position. I pulled my knees up and layed my head on them. Why couldnt he just respect my choice and wait? Is that the only reason he wanted me? To screw me? I felt tears coming and I tried to hold them back, but it didnt work. I sat there crying for who knows how long. Then I heard a footsteps. I looked up.

"Caleb?" I whispered. "Caleb?"

All of a sudden something was over my eyes and my mouth. I couldnt breathe or see. I struggled to get my way out of it, but became dizzy. Then everything went dark.


Mr. kidnappers Pov

I walk around. I dont see anyone thats young and sexy. Ive already tried a few girls. Yeah they were fun but Eh, not what i, or my dad would want. So i go around flirting. Its pretty much all i do. My incredible good looks and accent help me out alot. Im walking near the woods, when i hear "I guess we are over then." Just what i need, a heart broken one. I walk like a fox, sly and slow. Im not even 20 feet away. They boy walks off, and she drops. And she is a beauty. From the looks of it, i won't be able to get her into bed. She looks like a fighter. So i start to creep up behind her. I guess she has good hearing too because she looks up. I hear her mumble "Caleb" twice and then i pull a tissue out and cover her mouth and nose. And my other hand over her eyes. she struggles but i easily take her down. I pull her over my shoulder and walk to my car.

I grab the tape and rope. Tape her mouth shut and tie her hands and feet. Just so she wont squirm, or scream in her sleep. I lay her in the trunk of my car and then start driving. Ahh Vegas. This will be fun.


About half way through the ride i hear a faint voice and kicking and screaming. Jeez the bitch is awake! I slow down and pull over on the side of the road. I go around to the trunk and open it. She's much more gorgeous when she's angry and awake. I cant believe im actually doing this just to impress my father.

"Shut the Fuck up." i say in a annoyed tone. I cant let my emotions get to me. I see she is a bit shunned.

"W-w-who are y-you? W-w-where am I-I?" she stuttered, a form of tiny excitement.


Jamie's POV

I woke with a big head-ace. My stomach was hurting too. I opened my eyes, I was in the trunk of a car. My mouth had tape over it, and my hands and feet were tied up. What the hell happened last night!? I reached my hands up and pried the tape off my mouth. Was this some kind of sick joke? Did Caleb do this!?

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