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Chapter 2

As Tina pulled Alyssa through the crowd and into the school, they were greeted with multiple Hello's and no doubt many bruises. By the time they made it to their lockers, they were gasping for breath. Their lockers were side by side, as usual. Alyssa had almost gotten the lock open when she felt something cold and wet splash against her shoulder.


Alyssa jumped into the air and turned around with a shriek. She desperatley needed to find a bathroom, and quick.

But her face turned bright red as she saw who really was behind her. Her other friend, Cordelia, whom they call Delia.

LIke her name, Delia is very old fashioned. Her mother dresses her in old, highnecked sundresses and dress shoes every day. That's why Tina and Alyssa have been bringing her clothes she actually WANTS to be seen in since they met her in 9th grade. Today, it was Tina's turn.

As Tina handed Delia the clothing, they both stared at Alyssa suspiciously. Alyssa was frantically coming up with an excuse.

"Delia! Sorry for yelling like that. I, scared me!" Alyssa smiles as big as she can and hopes Delia believes the lie..

She stares at Alyssa for a moment before laughing out loud. Her trademark red hair swishes behind her.

"Nice to see you too, Lu. We'll catch up more later!" She laughs and walks away to change into Tina's outfit.

Alyssa turns around quickly and rushes to open her locker. She sticks her head inside and takes deep breaths. She notices that the school has already put her books and schedule inside.

"I know that Delia wouldn't of scared you that bad. What happened?" Tina murmers.

"I have no clue" Alyssa says breathlessly. And in truth, she didn't. There was no way that Delia would've felt like water...and this wasn't the first time it had happened. A few days ago, Alyssa had been lying on her bed and suddenly it felt like she was sinking into the ocean. She shivered at the thought of what would've happened if it HAD been water.

Tina shrugged and grabbed Alyssa's schedule. "Lets compare."

Alyssa ended up having a pretty good schedule. She had four classes with Tina and 3 with Delia. That left one class where she was alone. P.E: Otherwise known as the last period of the day.

Alyssa got a little comfort from the thought that she'd be able to go home after enduring it. She stuffed her books into her locker and slammed it shut, revealing her brother Donnie behind it.

Donnie was the guy that all the girls stalked. He was tall, tan, and had shaggy black hair.Add the fact that he was a senior, and he was the most eligible bachelor at the school.. She, however, didn't see the appeal.

"What do you want, Donnie" Alyssa said, exasperated.

"Try not to scream again, sis." Donnie said in complete seriousness. "Your making me look bad in front of my friends."

Alyssa gave him a mock serious look. "Yes, because that would be such a devastation."

"I'm glad you get it." He said, not getting the sarcasm. With that he walked back over to his locker, which was surrounded by his other football friends.

"Oh. My. Lord" Tina whispers excitedly. "Did your brother get hotter since the last time I saw him?" Tina smiles at him. She's had a crush on Donnie for as long as she can remember.

"Considering that you mean yesterday, no."

The bell then rings, and the rush of people begins to flow down the halls, running to first period. Alyssa sighs and pulls a googley-eyed Tina into the madness.

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