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I couldn't breath and I'm in a hospital, I see Meridith Grey, and Derek Shepard, Owen Hunt, I'm so scared I don't know what's happening and I'm gasping for air (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=81730460) and I'm terrified and I reach out and someone put a mask thing on me breathing I was able and I started coughing I let tears out "Calleigh your gonna be okay"I hear Meredith say and I gasp I reach out and I feel someone grab my hand I look its Lt.Commander McGarrett I started crying scared "It's going to be okay Calleigh It'll be okay"He said and wipes a tear and I see Owen look at him "Are you the boyfriend"he ask I couldn't hear a word he said but He said something to me and he squeezed my hand and let go and I got so scared I started panicking "She's scared"I hear one woman who looked like a pixie say I couldn't find Steve I let tears down "Meredith talk to her"I hear Derek say I was crying "Calleigh hey hey Its okay were gonna take care of you okay you gotta calm down"she said I couldn't talk I grab her hand and traced Kono and Chin It I wanted them I was scared I started panicking when I couldn't breath "She Wants someone chin Kono"Meredith yelled and I started to go into shock "She's going into shock"I hear a doctor yell "Get the boyfriend and get him in here"Derek yelled and Owen bent down "you know Princess we could get in huge trouble for letting a boyfriend back,"He smiled and squeezed my hand I grew tired more I see Lt.Commander McGarrett come running with Meredith and Squeezes in "Stand here but when said to move move the hell out of our way"Derek said. He grabbed my hand and I'm being put under anaesthetic and I got Steve's hand holding it.

When I wake up I see a attractive Doctor but there's something in my throat and I start to freak and He turns around "I'm Alex Kraev open your mouth as wide as possible and I'll take the feeding tube out and don't move"he said and he pulled it out I started coughing he gave me some water I groan and I look down at my stomach "....Can I play football soon"I ask he looks at me "....dame you get shot twice and died for about 3 minutes and your already waiting to play"he said I groan "...My team Is all I got when I'm not surfing or on the farm, and... I don't say your family because my dad is so obsessed with kono its not funny"I moan 'were is my Sister and Cousin"I ask "There not being able to see you right now, visiting hours are up"he said "but your here"i smiled "I am a pediatrician"He said "I'm almost eighteen I don't need one,"I said 'your only 17 1/2 so"he smiled "I'd at least like my sister"i said "I'm sorry"he said "find then I boycott food'I said he looked at me and laugh, "how about your boyfreind"hunt came in with Lt.Commander (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=81736819) I started coughing he gave me some more water "how you felling"Steve ask "Like I Got Hit by a truck and then it ran over me  and backed up again you"i said "okay I think"He said and I smiled and he talked and I smiled "so"I said "so...got a boyfriend"He ask "No..I gave up on guys there morons I figured wait till I get out of high school, find a mature guy.... though I doubt there's any"I smiled "You'd be suprise with some of the guys on the island"he smiled I smiled "...thank you"I said "Its cool, cutie"he flirted I looked at him and I decided I wanted to take a risk "come here I need to tell you something"I said he got close enough and I kissed him lip to lip and he was shock and continue and made it deeper I moan he pulled away he had to leave Dr.'s came in and started talking to me about it 'So wait you just met him yesterday"Cristina Yang ask "yes and he's a dame good kisser"I smiled "I know I am thank you"Owen said walking in.and I smirk "Now how would I know that"I groan and I look down and I'm bleeding "I'm Bleeding"I said and they shot up quick and I feel a shot of pain like something riped and I let a groan out Kono Came in "Calleigh"I hear my mom say and I hear someone hit the floor My mom passed out "Mom"I said "kono"I said "What's wrong"I hear Kono and they rush me out "...Did I pull stitches"I ask "No, we don't have time to get a anthestictic up here, so were gonna use morphine and numbing  agent so you won't feel a thing"Hunt said "your be awake"Meredith said "okay" i said and they get me in a OR and got me set up "Okay were gonna give you the morphine after"Hunt said and they got me numbed and I couldn't feel anything 'go"I said and I kept talking to them "Like, my last boyfriend, He broke three of my ribs and gave me a fat lip"I said "What did you do" Krav ask "I shot Him in the crotch, about 3 times"I said "and then sent him to prison"I said the doctors look at me "mm.. yea.... I have a scar on my thigh if you look it should look like a heart"I said "Omg it does" Cristina Yang said "He stabbed me with a knife"I said, "so what's up with that guy"Meredith ask "well He's a Lt.Commander In the Navy, He's Head of the five-0 task force"i said I smiled "And he's a great Kisser"I groan, "and I'm sure he's even better in bed"I smiled thinking "How would you ever know"Meredith smiled joking "well that's part of her plan"Hunt said I turn red "....he's a cop... and well He has a hot Blondie detective partner though Not as tall but I don't mind"I smiled "..and he's like totally Ninja, Lt.Commander is, he's MMA bad ass, mm... I need to find a bike"I said thinking "...did you give her morphine yet"krav ask "nope"Yang said I giggle 'I'm starting to feel my toes"I said they gave me more numbing and I continue to talk "..so are you going to go for the Commander"Krav ask "maybe I mean i just go around kissing random Lt.Commanders for no reason"I said "shut up"he said "mm feisty, though I don't think I want to date a doctor"I said "why not"Hunt said "Because I like Handcuffs"i smiled devilishly he  shook his head "Really because I Have always pictured senero's that that could be really good in doctor wise"Meredith said Christina agreed I started thinking and I have a awfully dirty mind and my face goes red 'oh...naughty and caught"Krav said "okay dating a doctor wouldn't be that bad but still"I said

I was brought out and they started morphine about 30 minutes later (http://www.polyvore.com/doctors/set?id=81737037) and It started to kick in and I started talking they were on lunch break and came in and sat "What are you eating"I ask Krav ".. a Chicken Wrap with ranch and cheese...."he said "Oh"i said nodding "...do any of you eating loco moco"I said I yawn and Kono And Chin Came in "Chin Kono"I said smiling "my Favorite Sister, and my hottest favorite cousin"I smiled and laugh "did you know I caught him and His "Girlfriend""I said and Laugh "and He's a excellent Kisser"I smiled and Chin looked away I smiled "....and how would you know that"Hunt said giving me some of his lunch "It was.... mm.. that's good.. uh..."i said "Dare at a girls birthday she pulled me along..."Chin said nodding "Yea.. becca's 16th birthday party"Chin said "oh yea..."i smiled "we could get married but we couldn't have kids, but I want kids, SO... do you think that Lt.Commander would mind knocking me up"i said and Cristina and Meredith and Derek Hunt Krav busted up laughing "I'm serious If were getting married I want kids"i slured "and He is pretty hot"I smiled "and a Navy SEAL"i smiled "Calleigh I'm not marring you coz"Chin said and I just started crying "but I'm already Pregnant"I sobbed and Kono is just standing there and they started laughing even more "your so stoned"Yang laugh "Calleigh your not pregnant"Kono said "oh I'm not... okay its okay I have gorgeous doctors I'll just marry one of them... No... the SEAL... crap..."I said "McDreamy Or the Solider or the SEAL or ass hole over eating a chicken wrap who won't share"I said "oh you wanted some"he handed it to me and I ate some and I laugh "what did you give her"Chin said 'Morphine"I smiled and I laid there 'Is there a McSteamy or is that McDreamy in a shower"I said and Derek and the doctors broke up laughing "NO I'm McSteamy so much better than McDreamy" a man said popping in "And who are you "Calleigh kono Kelly that's my husband and cousin"I pointed to Chin "no she's high Calleigh"Chins face is so red right now "what ain't i good enough, or is it that I'm not hot enough"i said groaning and he put's his hand to his face "Calleigh"Kono laugh ".....So what happen to you" he ask "well McSteamy, I won my first game of the season yesterday and then, I got my ass kicked...kinda, well I kick ass, but I was shot twice, by a Samoan awesome right, now I'm gonna have Gnarl scares"I said  "Tell him about the Lt.Commander" Derek said "Oh...Yea the Lt.Commander, he... is..uh.. is freaking hot...and..he's in the Navy and ...Boss people around like my sister and cousin,  and has handcuffs and a SIG Sauer P226"I smiled "and you know this already" Steve said walking in "Ha.. Look there he is'I smiled I look at him "do you mind knocking me up because Chin and me is  getting married and cant have kids togather'I said really slow and I was so stoned and his eyes went wide "What"he said and looked at my sister and Chin "No she's stoned she's on morphine"Meredith laugh "What is that your feeding me" I said asking Hunt he said something but I wasn't paying attention coach Trenor came in "Coach"I said "hey Calleigh"He said "Tell him your brilliant plan"Krav said laugh i smiled "NO no no no more Calleigh I'm not marring you and your not having my bosses Kid"Chin said 'what"Trenor said so I proceeded to tell him "would you like to help you can be a groomsmen, Kono were's daddy and mom I gotta tell them I'm getting married and I'm pregnant"I said and they busted up laughing so hard "wait so is she what... I"Trenor said "she's not she's on morphine"McSteamy said "what is your name McSteamy"I ask 'Just ask for McSteamy"He smiled and patted my leg and left..."So..."Steve said 

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