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Assalam-o-alikum readers.

How are you??
Excited for the story?

Well, I'm too. This story is my favorite one and now when I'm going to edit it, I'm getting more excited as I'm going to live all those moments again. The moments of love, happiness, friendship, sorrows, pain and tears.

As you opened this story to read so let me tell you that I won't disappoint you. Yes, you may find many errors of spellings and grammar but the plot you'll love. So just trust me and please read further to fall in love with this book.

Well here, I'm going to give you a little summary about the story. Hope this will help.


Zoha Salman a dreamy girl who was so desperate to meet his prince charming who was coming in her dreams since she was 4. And then her dream come true when He came.

On other side, Zain Ahmad who never think about love, never knew that his father was not shifting to Pakistan but his fate was taking him to the one who was waiting for him since long. He didn't know that Cupid was waiting there with the arrow of love. All his effort of never be in love failed when he saw her.

Be with me to know more about them and witness their journey of love.


This book is completely based on my imagination and all characters, events, dialogues, places are not taken from any other story. All copy right belongs to me.

All right reserved.

Be my readers to enjoy the series of endless romance.

Thank you for reading.

For story, go to the next chapter.

Take care.

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