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Jessica's p.o.v

"What was that?" Ashley asked as a wendigo ran past the trees. Mike got the flamethrower ready and we all stood completely still. It came up to us and waited for movement. It eventually got tired and left. They were going to come out now, as it's started to get dark.
  "Don't move." Mike says. We hear a twig break and Mike points the flamethrower towards the left. He tries to press the button but it doesn't work. All of a sudden one of the wendigos jump out from the trees. It looks around as we all stand still. It walks towards Chris. Ashley looks at me with fear in her eyes. Mike gets the flamethrower to work and burns the wendigo.
   "Oh my god. That was, wow." Chris says. Ashley calms down. Its really not fair that they think I don't know who they are.
   "We should go to the cabin." Mike says, picking up his bag from the ground. I thought the cabin had burnt. I could see the aftermath of an explosion.
   "Cabin?" I ask.
   "Yeah they built a new one. We should go there. It might be safer." Chris says. Ashley walks backwards a little.
   "I-I heard something." she says. We look into the forest, where Ash was staring.
   "Help. Please somebody help me!" I recognise the voice immediately, and so does Mike.
   "(Y/N)?" Mike says. We both run into the forest looking for her. He keeps the flamethrower on his back just incase. We find her on the ground, bleeding and bruised. She must've fell down the small cliff. We lift her body and carry her over to where everyone else is.
  "Woah. What happened to her?" Sam asks.
  "She fell. Does anyone have a first aid kit? Or any mouthwash?" Mike asks. Chris takes out a first aid kit and hands it to Mike. Ashley hands me a bottle of mouthwash. Mike takes the mouthwash and rubs a little bit onto her cuts. He then puts bandages on her arm and leg. We all decide to stay in the safe part of the cave. It's only safe because there's 3 flamethrowers. (Y/N) is unconscious so she lays there on the ground. Chris gave her his coat, which made Ashley a little mad. He only did it because she was going to freeze to death. Ashley didn't really understand this and got jealous. Her and Sam were talking about what happened last year with Josh. I listened to their conversation but couldn't hear much over Chris and Mike debating over some stupid video game.
   "But seriously, it's better than the new version." Chris stated. I laugh at their petty argument.
  "You guys are stupid." I say. They look at me as I laugh. I want to tell Mike that I remember him. That I remember everything.

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