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A/N  Thanks to Chocolatewolfthing (also Writer of Marvel One shots) for editing this one shot for me!


"Tony!" Steve yelled from upstairs, concern obvious in his voice. Tony just sighed and closed an important file for his job. Being a superhero sounds fun at first, but Tony finds it stressing, often forcing him to lock himself up in his lab for days at a time, possibly weeks. Where the others are used to it, his habit to forget everything but his work for long periods of time concern Steve. "Yes?" Tony called back up to him before Steve came down and tried to convince him to come back to the "real world" as he called it. It was always the same."Tony! It's now been over a week, and I am sure you lost weight. Please, go upstairs and eat and sleep. I'm worried about you." Tony looked up from the gadget in his hands at the last words. Steve had confessed that before. Even if Tony knew he was, it was never spoken aloud.After a while of thinking and staring into eachothers eyes, Tony gave in. "OK" Tony said and Steve was surprised. He was expecting the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist to put up a fight and argue with him. "But only if you kiss me first." Tony grinned and Steve shook his head like it was a bad joke."Tony, your jokes aren't funny." Steve responds, secretly wishing it wasn't a joke. "Wasn't one." A big grin in Tony's face that would make the Cheshire cat jealous. Steve sighed "Just because you somehow find out about my feelings for you, doesn't mean you can play with my feelings." By the time Steve was finished with his sentence her seemed a bit pissed off. Tony frowned. "You have feelings for me?" He had known he had feelings for the blond super soldier for a while now, but never considered Steve feeling the same way. Steve roll his eyes. "As if you didn't know." "I didn't." Tony said smirking, his confident, almost cocky, side of him showing.How Steve felt thoroughly embarrassed. He let out a small "Oh" and scratched the back of his neck.

"Am I making the great Captain America nervous?" Tony asked, standing up and walking towards Steve.

"Shove off, Tony." Steve said glaring at the shorter man."Now why would I want to do that?" Tony asked, still getting closer."Because you don't feel the same way." Steve said in a 'duh' voice."Now when did I ever say that?" Tony said, hand on his hip. Steve looked at him confused. Tony thought he looked adorable like that but didn't show it. "Why would I ask you to kiss me?""Four words. Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist." Steve said putting emphasis on the 'playboy'."You talk too much." Tony said out of the blue.Steve looked at Tony incredulously. "Says you.""No seriously." Tony said, taking two long strides to come chest to chest with Steve. "Shut. Up." And with that he closed the gap between the two, grabbing the collar of Steve's shirt. Steve felt stiff against Tony's lips but after a while relaxed and reacted, snaking his arms around Tony's waist. When Steve tried pulling away for air, Tony followed him up, going on his tiptoes to reach. Tony tangled his hands in Steve's always perfect hair and messed it up a bit. Tony pulled away suddenly. "Now that I have my kiss, I guess I have to go eat something and sleep. See ya later captain." He said with a salute, turning on his heels and walking out of the lab, leaving Steve to wonder what the hell just happened and would it happen again.

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