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I was alone walking down the highway. It had gotten dark and the rain had stopped, leaving a moist ground and potholes filled with water. My black Air Maxes squeaked as I walked with my head down, gum in my hair, and tears on my face. I looked at myself using the hand mirror in my pocket before it got dark. I looked like straight up shit like "Go back to bed and start all over again" shit. When Dylan slapped me across the face, I knew it would leave a bruise. My lightskin color had turned a shade of purple and my messy curly hair was damp and wet.

I slowly walked down the highway with no one to call because my phone died. I walked with my head down and my hands in my pocket when it reminded me of something. It was Eminem's space bound. He was walking with his head down and his hands in his pocket on a lonely wet highway...just like me.

"We touch...I feel a rush...we isn't much..." I sang quietly to myself. The only thing missing was the driver who pulls up next to Em. I hummed the song quietly to myself as I continued to stroll. It started to drizzle a little and who knows how far town was. I gripped my arms as I felt a cold gust of wind. I picked a horrible day to wear short sleeves. Suddenly, bright lights blinded me as a car pulled up beside me. "Please don't be a creep! PLEASE don't be a creep!" I mumbled as the person let the window down.

It was a man who looked really familiar. He had a short brown hair and a pointy nose. He was actually kind of cute and I really prayed that he wasn't a creep.

"Do you need a ride? Is something wrong?" He asked. His voice. It was him. Eminem.

"You're Eminem..." I whispered. I can't believe I was standing here...talking to Eminem...WHILE LOOKING LIKE SHIT!

"Yes I know that. It's 10:30 and you look freezing." 10:30? I can't believe I was walking for so long. "What are you doing out here walking alone? Hop in and I'll give you a ride to town." I just stared at him. How do I know he won't hurt me? Don't get me wrong, I love Eminem but who knows what goes through that sick briliant twisted mind of his. He let out a breath as he saw I wasn't budging. "Don't worry. I don't bite."

"Yeah, but how do I know you don't stab, rape, shoot, or kill?" I said smirking. He let out a little chuckle and put his tongue to his cheek to stop from laughing.

"You're right but trust me I don't." I stared at him for a second and opened the door to get in. We were driving in silence for a couple of minutes and I sat staring out of the window looking at the rain hit the window.

"So what's your name?" Eminem asked after glancing at me.

"Summer." My head was pounding and it felt as if someone was playing the drums in my head. My nose got stuffy and I'm pretty sure I'm getting sick.

"Well you can call me Marshall." He said glancing over again. "So why were you walking all alone in the rain?"

"Well my boyfriend cheated on me with my best friend because I refuse to lose my virginity to him and when I found out I went off on him. He just became pissed and he hit me and literally dragged me out of the car by my hair leaving me on the side of the road." I said gripping my head and putting on a fake smile. "Sorry. I just rambled on about my problems and I don't even know you." I said noticing we stopped at a red light. I looked over and saw Em silently staring at me with a clenched jaw. Fuck...I just made a complete fool of myself.

"I'm sorry! Really!" Then unexpectedly Em reached over and picked the gum out of my hair and threw it out the window. I closed my eyes and sat there breathlessly as he brushed my wet hair from my face and looked at the bruise.

*Marshall's POV*

As I looked at the bruise left on her cheek and a surge of anger rushed throughout my body. Who could lay a hand on a women this beautiful? Who could lay a hand on a women in general!?

The light turned green and we kept driving.

"So Summer...where am I taking you?"

" can take me to the nearest hotel."

"Hotel? Why not your house?"

"My boyfriend, Dylan, convinced me to move in with him. Told me not to get a job because only the men should bring home the 'bacon' and women belong in the kitchen. So I don't have a house and I definitely don't want to go back to his place but I have some money my mom saved me when she passed so I can afford a hotel until I get a job and a place to stay."

"I'm sorry about your Mom. What about your Dad?"

"I never met him." she said as we entered town.

"Damn." I felt bad for her. No Mom, No Dad, a stupid ex. "You can stay at my place if you want."

"No Marshall! It's fine. I don't want to intrude!"

"No! Its okay. You can stay with me until you get on your feet. You're more than welcomed."

"Seriously? Oh my god thank you Marshall! This means so much to me!" She eached over and gave me a hug. I was shocked for a moment but then I hugged back.

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