Chapter One.

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Bi The Way.

Chapter One.

Trust me, I started off normal. It all began the first day of 11th grade.  I was walking to school with my bestfriend, Hayleigh, and singing along to Dinosaurs Go Rawr by Amy Can Flyy. There was a humongous bee that flew on the back of Hayleigh’s neck, I screamed. Yes, I screamed like a little girl. Can you say cringe any louder?


‘GET IT OFF OF ME, GREGORY HARPER!’ She screamed, whilst flapping her hands and jumping up and down.  Oh hell no! She just said my full name! Now it’s personal!

She knew I didn’t like being called Gregory. My dad, who of which ran away when I was seven, is named Gregory Harper Sr. My mother is so stupid, she thought that carrying on the family name meant that I had to have his first name as well as his second. I mean what? Who-who is that stupid? Well I’m guessing she was on drugs at the time she was with him. He was so spineless, running away from his own flesh and blood when they needed him. My sister was only just born, I mean how much of fucking shallow twat could you get? My mom needed him around, but I had to be the man of the 7 chuffing years old. I had to look after my new born sister while my mother was either out getting wasted or having sex with some random guy she’d met at a bar.

GAH, every time I think of my father I have to hurt something or someone. So I knew I had to get away from Hayleigh, before things turn ugly. I ran the rest of the way to school without even looking back at Hayleigh. I guessed that everyone knew that I was angry by the looks that people were giving me. I walked up to the school mentors block, grabbing a stress ball to relieve my anger. I sat down in a comfy couch and thought. I didn’t mean to storm off like that, but Hayleigh knows how touchy I get when it comes to my father. I guess it was just the slip of the tongue.

I was snapped out of my thoughts, when the door of the mentors block opened and in came a guy I had never seen before. He was a little taller than me, which is not much of a great achievement seeing as I’m only 5”5, but what can I say; the chicks dig it.

Anyway, this guy had the cutest baby face I had ever seen. His cheeks dimpled ever so slightly, when he smiled. Geez, did I just think that?! He flipped his thin, light brown hair out of his face and revealed his big grey eyes. I seemed to get lost in them...Oh my God, I’m a total freak! His big pink lips stretched out into a big smile, once he noticed me staring at his perfectly made baby face. I looked down, blushing...Oh god, what is happening to me?! He started walking over to me; I felt my face burn up. I tried hiding it, but it failed completely.

‘Hey, I’m Nick.’ His voice sent shivers down my neck.

‘Greg.’ I said, holding out my hand. He grabbed it gently. His touch gave me butterflies, this was a feeling I had never experienced with another guy. ‘How come I haven’t seen you around?’

‘I’m new.’ He said smiling.

‘Oh I see you have already made a new friend, Nick.’ Mr Cahill said as he passed Nick his time table. ‘Well enjoy your time here at West View.’ He walked off and left us alone. We sat there, staring into each other’s eyes in silence. Until we both jumped out of our skin as the bell went.

‘I guess I’ll see you later. Bye Greg.’ He said, walking out of the room.

I sat there another 5 minutes. I find Nick amazingly attractive; does that mean I’m gay? Am I bisexual? Or am I just curious? These were the questions I kept asking myself over and over again. Well, I’m not going to sit here and try guess my sexuality, I’m going to experiment. With Nick.

dont worry dudes, it will get more interesting, i promise!<3 

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