Falling for my nemesis part 1

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Chapter I


The room is deathly quiet.

what the hell is going on here.

I could have sworn this place was swarming with people a minute ago.

Now everyone's......... gone and the lights are out.

what is this? Some kind of bad horror movie?!

Wait what was that!

I hear footsteps resounding across the auditorium.

And they're coming towards me!!

So it is a bad horror movie!

"C'mon stop messing around," a stammer.

The footsteps are growing louder.

"Seriously this isn't funny, cut it out," is all I manage to yell before a hand is clamped over my mouth.

"Hey baby, whats shakin'." The lights suddenly come back on and I swing around to face my childhood tormentor.

"That wasn't funny Alex!" I shout indignantly

He smirks at me, "ahhh c'mon lighten up, you seem tense." He digs his fingers into my shoulder blades."Did your boyfriend dump you again?" he asks with a playful I-know-he-did-and-you-can't-lie-to-me grin on his face, "tsk tsk tsk, really Mitchy, you have horrible taste in men, when will you ever learn."

He stares at me with the smuggest look that makes me just want to punch him in the stomach. "For your information, not that it's any of your business who I date, It was a mutual break up no one 'dumped' anyone," I lie.

"I see. So he dumped you."he says with mock sympathy.

Damnit, I hate that he can read me like a book, I can never manage to lie to the bugger, at least not about my boyfriends, and it's getting on my last fucking nerve!

"It's none of your business! Leave me alone, go find some one else to pester."

"Oh Mitchy, dear sweet Mitchy, you know I can't do that. Your the only protagonist for me.

"Shove off"

"Ouch, can't take a joke I see."

I refuse to reply, turn on my heel and walk out of the auditorium. I hear no footsteps behind me so assume he's given up for today.

Now I'm sure your confused so I'll shed some light on that little incident you just witnessed. Alex and I have known each other since kindergarten. Weused to be best friends. Notice the emphasis onused (although I guess it's hard to miss). From kindergarten to about fifth grade we were inseparable (in a good way), but for some reason things turned sour in sixth grade. Thats when Alex changed. He started to tease me, pull my hair, take my books, and push me in the hallway. That continued until eighth grade and then he just kinda stopped being violent but would still tease me. Such as pulling stunts like the one you witnessed just now. We're still inseparable only now it's against my will.

I'm almost too my car when I finally notice the figure leaning on it.

"Get off my car, Alex." I say with as much calm in my voice as I can manage. Which mind you is not much.

How the heck did he get out here before me.

"But Mitchy I need a ride, my buddies left me hear all by my loan some." he does his best little-angel voice. Which sounds hilarious coming out of a guy thats six foot two and in no way shaped like an angle. No angel has that many angles

"All by your loan some, huh? Well I'm sure you'll find some way home. Good luck," I say as I try and shove him out from in front of the driver side door. He stands firm.

"C'mon, pretty please," he begs as if he doesn't even feel me pushing all 142 lbs. Of my weight on him trying to remove him from in front of my door.

What am I a fly!!!

I don't reply for I'm a little busy with trying to remove him from the side of my Acura. I lose my balance and fall into his arms. I look up, more than a little embarrassed about my little slip up right into his embrace. I never noticed how much bigger he is than me. Without even realizing it I find myself staring intently at his face. Have his cheekbones always been that high, and was his jaw always that defined, and have his eyes always been that mesmerizing shade of emerald green, and why do I want to run my hands through those dark chocolate curls of his, and those lips..............

Mitchy snap out of it!!! Get a grip!!! Why hasn't he let go of you?!!!

I push away from him and stand up. I can feel my face flaming with the intensity of the blush thats crept over it. I clear my throat, "um could you move out from in front of my door."

He obliges.

I get in and start the ignition I take several deep breaths to calm my racing heart, and then roll down the window. He's still just standing there."Are you getting in, you said you needed a ride home?"

What is wrong with me, why the hell am I offering this jerk a ride?!

I guess it's not a big deal since he lives right next door to me but still!

He shakes his head as if he was just shocked back to reality and turns to look at me. I think I'm still blushing but try to cover it with an indifferent look. "Uhhh yeah thanks," he walks around the car and gets in next to me. There's athick, uncomfortable air between us as I put the car in gear and head for home................................

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