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The party of six was moving quickly to the spot where Knuckle and Ryohei should be waiting. The three older ones in the group were conversing in their Italian language leaving the three younger ones to follow behind, not knowing what to say. Finally someone decided to break the awkwardness and started talking.

"So, what do you think happened?" Yamamoto asked Tsuna and Gokudera.

"What do you mean?" Tsuna asked.

"Well, the Vongola Primo and his Guardians are here, so doesn't that mean we're in the past?" He added.

"It does appear like it." Gokudera said.

"But how'd we get here?" Tsuna asked in a worried tone. He was having a relaxing day with no work or training or anything, and then suddenly they got transported into the past! Who knows how long they'll have to be here. Also, he knew that Yamamoto, Gokudera, Ryohei, and himself had been transported back in time, but who else could have been taken along as well. Tsuna put his hand on his head, rustling his hair in frustration.

"Don't worry, Juudaime! When we went to the future, we showed Byakuran what's what and returned everyone to the present safely. Who says we can't make it through the past." Gokudera said with a grin.

"He's right, besides, this time we have some powerful allies." Yamamoto said and gestured towards the three men in front of them. It was true, the Primo's family could be called the strongest of the Vongola group, and each member was well known by the present Vongola family. The group remembered quite well the time when the Primo's family appeared to help them prepare and finish the battle with Byakuran. (reference to Inheritance Arc in anime

"Sawada! Where are you?" Ryohei said over the earpiece.

"We're coming, Ryohei." Tsuna replied. He wanted to get there quickly and make sure that Ryohei was alright. He did not want to see one of his friends get hurt. He could hear the faint sounds of a fight going on along with another person from the headphones. 

"That must be Knuckle." Tsuna thought.

"We're almost there." Tsuna heard Giotto say as they were approaching a clearing in the forest. The group ran out to the middle of the clearing where they spotted Knuckle and Ryohei standing with their fists up and breathing heavily.

"Watch out, he's fast." Knuckle said as the group approached. 

"That guy is definitely extreme!" Ryohei called out. Suddenly there was a black blur that zoomed past the group and they could only get a glimpse of it. It dashed around the group some more, and then stopped in front of them. It appeared to be a man dressed in all black and had a black scarf over his face so you could only see his eyes and hair. He inspected the newcomers and his eyebrows lowered as though he was upset. He pulled out something from his pocket and and fiddled with it. 

"He doesn't seem to appreciate our arrival." Giotto said softly.

"Now that we're here, there's no way he can win." G. replied, preparing to fight.

"So this is the way it is." Ugetsu said and put one hand on the hilt of his sword.

"Get ready." Gokudera said.

Yamamoto nodded and put his hand tapping the hilt of his sword.

Tsuna watched the opponent and tried to see what the object he was holding was. 

"What is that..." He mumbled softly. The man pressed something on the device and a clicking sound could be heard. Then the man retreated backwards and ran off.

"HEY! You can't leave like that!" Ryohei shouted. Yamamoto and Gokudera put their hands down and stared at the spot where the man used to be. He certainly ran away, and the group decided that he was intimidated by the large group and retreated to safety. The group relaxed, save for Giotto who watched the area carefully. Tsuna couldn't help but feel like something else was supposed to happen.

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