Chapter 16: U Are Stupid

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Gwen stares at him. Dorian stares back. It's a stare-off. If this had been a movie a tumbleweed would roll past. Instead of a tumbleweed it was a five year old boy and then another. They didn't actually roll by, more like raced past, came to a halt and turned to add to the staring contest or whatever was going on between Dorian and Gwen.

"You're tall." Jackson, the little red headed boy made note as his hand raised in the air, while standing on his tip toes touching Dorian's shoulder.

"What's it like from up there?" Jason, Jackson's brother, with reddish brown hair stood next to Gwen while leaning against the display case. He being the more laid back of the two gave off the air of not really caring about Dorian's response.

"It's confusing." Dorian answered keeping his eyes glued on Gwen but prying them away for a moment to glance down at the boys.

"I'm sorry, are my boys bothering you? Jack and Jason you go sit or there won't be any Star Wars tonight." Tabitha pointed to the far table in the corner, where the boy's backpacks were located.

Dorian smiled at them, "No they weren't bothering me. I was just giving them the rundown of what my life is like as a giant." He winked at the boys as they sat at their table. Jason winked back while Jackson stared with his mouth wide open.

"All right, well as long as they weren't bothering you. Is there something you need? Gwen was just filling in for me during my break but I can help you." Tabitha smiled at Gwen as she made her way behind the counter.

"Actually I came here to talk to Gwen." Dorian's eyes remained on Gwen as she shifted behind the counter toward the kitchen. As much as she wanted to find out why he said Cynthia wasn't his girlfriend, she also didn't want to jeopardize her internship. She may have lost Dorian but she will be damned if she loses this internship over guy drama.

Tabitha turned to Gwen and gave a little smirk, "Oh, in that case you are in luck as Gwen was just about to go on her break."

"Yes, of course, I was just going to ... um ... I need to get my purse and then I can..." Gwen continued mumbling nonsense as she wandered in the back to make sure nothing was in the oven before grabbing her gray purse and making her way back out into the shop. She took a breath, thankful Tabitha had a sixth sense about her problems. Perhaps having twins makes a woman more in tune to heartbreak and love life problems, Gwen thought. Or maybe Tabitha picked up on her body language, like any normal person and the fact that she spilled her guts to Tabitha the other day about Dorian. That seemed more likely.

She was nervous. He doesn't have a girlfriend but then who is Cynthia? Maybe she was some girl he had a fling with and she stopped by his place thinking they would do the deed again. Only this time Dorian got scared and ran away, not knowing what to do.

Gwen glanced over to him as he smiled at her, reaching out his hand for her to take. She thought more about her theory that he was a coward who had sex with women with fake tits and Gwen didn't think he would be like that. He just didn't seem like a coward. As for the sex, well, before she came along it really was none of her business who he had sex with, so that didn't upset her.

Neither of them spoke as they made their way out into the bright sunlight of a warm afternoon. He tugged her along with him as they went past a few brick buildings and he pulled her into a bar that opened onto the street. They got a table in the back, away from the street and the noise. She settled into the black leather padded seat in the corner as he took the one across from her at their small square table.

"So, Cynthia isn't your girlfriend?" Gwen couldn't wait anymore, she had to know.


Gwen stared at him as his eyes perused the simple laminated bar menu that sat as a triangle in the middle of the table.

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