Brooke Foreberg (My OC)

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Ok, so the picture's kind of outdated butttttt oh well. It was about time I posted my OC on here. (I use her for almost evrything!) Here's her info...

Name: Brooklyn "Brooke" Forberg

Age: From 13 to like 23 or so man whatever fits the story

Gender: Female

Appearance: Thick, Messy, and slightly curly(when its lower down like when it gets almost to her chin) dark brown hair styled kind-of like Ty's on the right side, but it doesn't completely cover her eye, it just falls over the top of her eye and covers it a little. The tips on the bottom of her hair are a vibrant purple, along with a streak on the edge of her hair that partly covers her eye. Her hair length goes to about the end of her ribcage. She wears her hair down and over her right shoulder. Her eye color is hazel, and she wears thick black glasses similar to Brotato's. For clothing she wears a sweatshirt the same style as Mitch's(like how it's open at the front and has a hood) but a different design. The hoodie is all black, but at the top blue, green, and purple paint drips down from the top/shoulders and her hood(which she sometimes wears up, sometimes not.) is completely covered in stripes of vibrant green, blue, and purple paint. Under the hoodie she wears a white short-sleeved undershirt Her black pants have blue, purple, and green accents(not the music kind just basically random outbursts of color, sometimes lines or dots) going down her left pant leg. She wears combat boots that stop a little before her knee.

Personality: She can be a bit shy, or hostile, at first depending on her mood. But once you get to know her she's more outgoing and fun. She doesn't have most amount of patience in the world, but she has a bit more than others. But watch out, because she has a pretty crazy temper after a bit. She can be a bit insane sometimes(in the good way), fangirling or not, but can mostly calm herself down. She can be serious when she needs to be, but prefers not to be. She doesn't mind swearing but doesn't swear much herself. She's pretty good with archery and loves it, but she's much better with an axe, which is by far her preferred weapon. Some of her favorite things to do are draw, read, and write. She loves to make jokes to cheer someone up and is often the person to notice if someone seems sad and ask "what's wrong?" She's more fast and stealthy than strong. Sometimes a bit clumsy but not much. She'll often try and laugh off her injuries to make it seem not as bad to others, even if tears are brimming in her eyes. She'll jump at the chance to adventure to places she doesn't know, and loves exploring. She's smarter than she lets on and her ideas often get shot down for some reason. With her friends they sometimes pass the time with "insult wars" as a friendly competition. Due to this, she can shoot back pretty good insults on the spot. She usually gets along with people pretty well, but in a bad mood will stay silent and sometimes snap at people who annoy or even just talk to her

.Hybrid:(This is optional) She is a bat hybrid. She has bat wings, bat ears, fangs, and claws like a bat. When in hybrid form she has amazing hearing and can locate things by closing her eyes and listening for the sound. If you listen closely you can hear her make a barely audible screech to locate non-living things. Her eyesight becomes much worse when she's in hybrid form but the glasses help.

Extra: She has a pet wolf who is named Stardust that goes almost everywhere with her and she loves so much. The wolf is black at the head and slowly fades to grey as it reaches the tail. Tiny white and grey spots, like stardust, litter her back. (wolf is also optional) She also loves climbing trees, and is often found reading, writing, drawing, or even sleeping in them. She comes from a cold area so the cold doesn't affect her(Normally people will be freezing and she'll be fine, or even hot sometimes)

Fears: Losing her loved ones, public speaking, rejection, and (This one is not as big as the other fears) drowning

The for more appearance, look at the pic. It should be up to date, besides the hair style. Did I miss anything? If so, please tell me in the comments!

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