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It was foggy that night in Saxet. It was dusk, so everyone had returned home by now, and when Caine was released, he walked the streets of Saxet, until he spotted his target, walking home.

He growled, getting her attention. He dropped the picture, instantly knowing that it was the girl.

She screamed, running through the fog, but nobody opened their doors, as the girl ran through the streets, screaming at the top of her lungs with Caine close on her heels.

She reached the abandoned part of the city, where nobody could save her or hear her screams. She had a chance while in the centre of Saxet, but here, she was a goner.

She tripped over the train tracks, sending her flying into the distance, and scraping her knees on the floor. But she got back up again, running quickly. Caine could smell her blood, smell her fear, he could even smell her salted tears as they ran down her cheeks.

He wanted her blood on his hands, he wanted to destroy every inch of her, and he knew exactly where to do it.

The girl tripped again, scraping her elbow roughly against the floor until he heard a crack, and her whimpering. She had snapped her arm, and as she cradled the bone, Caine stepped closer and closer.

He had got her exactly where he wanted her.

With each step Caine took, the girl edged backwards, her cheeks drenched in tears, and her nose running, and she couldn't stop the sobs that escaped her mouth. She was terrified, Caine could feel it vibrating through his body, and with every sob, the want and need to kill her grew stronger and stronger.

"W-What are you g-gonna d-do to me-e?" She sobbed and he crouched in front of her, baring his canines, and grabbing her arms, his claws searing through her flesh.

"I'm gonna kill you." He spoke easily, and picked her up, pushing her body against the red writing on the wall. She hissed in pain as her body cracked from the pressure of the push.

"Now," Caine began, "why would Veronica want you dead?"

"Veronica w-wants me de-ead?" She asked him, she couldn't believe it. She was a valued member of Saxet, her parents were friends with Veronica. She had spoken to Veronica on multiple occasions and Veronica was nothing but nice and beautiful. Had she said something to piss Veronica off? Was this all punishment for a slip of the tongue?

"What are you?" She asked Caine. Her voice was stronger this time, so Caine dug his nails in deeper, making her wince, and he smiled. She forgot about the bleeding from her knees, her elbow, and the other cuts she had won from running, and she looked at her murderer.

He was a pure beast, a monster.

"Your worst nightmare." He spoke, and then she screamed a final time. Those were the last words she heard as her body was torn apart, her blood was spilled and every single bone in her body was broken. There was nothing left of her, but the echoing thought; the Intruders are back.

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