“I’m not hungry.” Was simply all Evelyn said in reply.

It was the truth, Evelyn wasn’t hungry. She was nowhere near hungry.                      

With everything that was on her mind for the past four days, the last thing that Evelyn cared about was eating…

After the young Blackburn told her family of Zayn’s offer, her mother and father promised her that they will understand her decision no matter what. But she knew that either choice would lead to devastating consequences. It was just a matter of who would be punished by the consequences.

Herself or the Redfern family?                            

“Starving yourself won’t help you anymore in this situation.” Nora sighed, and for a moment there; Evelyn was sure that she heard a hint of worry in her sister’s voice. “Zayn and most of the vampires left the night after he offered you the deal… You might as well enjoy these few days without him, don’t cramp yourself in your room like this and abusing your body.”

Evelyn said nothing.

Nora could see the pain in Evelyn's face and normally, she would have stayed and comforted her beloved sister… But there was still hatred and spite lingering in the back of her mind.

So, without another word, Nora picked up the plate of cold food and left Evelyn alone to her own thoughts. Silently, Nora prayed that her sister would find a way to preserving her happiness and keeping the Redfern’s heads connected to their bodies…

“Your sister’s right you know.” A familiar voice interrupted the silence of the empty room that Evelyn had grown used to. “You need to eat something; if Zayn finds out that you’ve been skipping meals he would be upset.”

Evelyn chuckled at Harry’s words. “I can’t tell if you’re worried about me or your precious King.”

“Both; I worry for you both.”

Evelyn felt the weight of her bed shift as Harry planted himself down next to Evelyn's pillow.

“No offence Evelyn, but when was the last time that you washed your hair?” Harry chuckled as he toyed with the grease strands of midnight black hair that resembled somewhat of a wild bush.

The comment was supposedly to lighten the mood and cheer Evelyn up, and he succeeded as Evelyn chuckled lightly.

“It’s been a while since my last shower.” She whispered softly as she turned around in the bed to face the curly haired vampire, a smile tinting her beautiful face.

Harry smiled, glad that Evelyn was smiling as well.               

For a few moments, the two just remained like that, staring at each other in a comfortable silence. There were never tension or awkwardness between Evelyn and Harry; there were only comfort and a blissful atmosphere.

“You know about Zayn’s offer to me?”             

Harry nodded.                

“What’s your opinion on it?” Evelyn asked as she struggled to sit up on her bed.

The lack of food in her body was taking its toll on the already fragile body of the seventeen year old human.

Carefully, Harry helped Evelyn to sit up next to him. He wanted to wrap his arm around her to give a bit of extra support, but in the end he decided against it.

“I think you should take Zayn’s offer.”


“Because I know that he cared about you, a lot. I can see it in his eyes, that look of affection and care… I had known Zayn for hundreds of years now, and never have I ever seen him looking at someone like the way he looks at you.” Harry smiled down the human, his words were all from the heart and they were all true.

“If he cares so much about me then why is he putting me through so much?” Evelyn questioned as she struggled to keep back the tears. She was sick and tired of all the stress and drama that Zayn had casted upon her life…

Before him, her life was peaceful, normal and happy. She missed the ways things used to be.

“Evelyn,” Harry began slowly. “You need to understand that Zayn is the King, he’s the most powerful person alive right now. The Vampire Nation is international, every continent is under our control, beside from a few stray groups of rebellion humans, we control the whole world… And Zayn is the master of it all.”

Harry paused for a few moments, making sure that Evelyn was listening carefully before continuing again.                               

“The fact that he’s even giving you a choice is a lot more than what most people could ever ask for. You need to understand that he isn’t obliged to give you anything at all. He is the King, Evelyn. He’s got the whole world at his feet and he can order the death of the Redfern families and making sure that he’s the only man to ever touch you at the same time if he wanted to… But he’s giving you a choice. He want to make you feel like you have a say in this, hear him out Evelyn; give him a chance.” Harry’s tone of voice almost made him sound like he was pleading.

Evelyn huffed. “If he wants me to feel like I have a choice, then he would let me decide whether I want to go into the palace or not. He would let me decide who I want to sleep with and who I love… But he isn’t. He’s controlling my life in the palm of his hand, I feel like I’m just a puppet under his commands.” Evelyn looked down at her hands, tears were stinging in her eyes, but she forced them back and promised herself that she would not cry; not in front of Harry.

Without realising, Harry placed his hand on Evelyn's hair and stroked it gently.

“Evelyn, Zayn may be a fool in love, but he’s not stupid. He knows that if he gives you the choice of deciding whether or not you want to go into the Royal Palace next year, you would never pick it. You fear him far too much to ever give him the chance… Don’t you think that he knows that you would leave him at the first chance? Don’t you think he knows that the only way he could have you at arm’s reach is by force? Don’t you think that it hurts him to know that you hate him so much?”

Harry sighed.

Evelyn was speechless.

“You have the world’s most powerful vampire falling over you like a love sick puppy.” Harry continued after a while. “He’s used to women falling at his feet at feet Evelyn; he’s not used to rejections and not having the upper hand in a relationship. He may be powerful and almighty, but he’s still hopeless at romance at heart… But he does care for you, I know that much.”

Evelyn chuckled. “You make it sound like he can do no wrong. Why do you care so much about his happiness anyway?”

“He’s not only my King, but my maker as well. I own my life, status and everything else to him, without Zayn I would be no one; I own him my everything.” Harry smiled as he got up onto his feet. “Think about what I said… He doesn’t have to give you a deal for promising yourself to him; he’ll make sure that anyone who tries to make a move on you will die anyway… If I were you, I would take the offer.”

With a final smile and courtesy of goodbye, Harry leaped through the semi open window and left Evelyn alone in her room once again.

~ Lord Marcus' Manor ~

"My King? The butler knocked on the oak wood door of Zayn's room. "You have a guest.                                                       


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