Chapter 14

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Four days had passed since Zayn offered Evelyn the deal that could save the Redfern family’s lives. Over 40 people altogether. All of them were close friends of Evelyn and her family… All of them innocent and unworthy of the cruel fate that was ahead of them…                                    

Zayn had given Evelyn a week to make up her mind, and as the sun began to set on the fourth day, time was running low on Evelyn's side.                                  

“I will give you a week to decide. Your life in exchange for the Redfern families, if you do deny these 2 deals, then you will have the blood of not only Ethan, but his whole family on your hands.”                

Like a bell, Zayn’s words were echoing in the young Blackburn’s ears once again.                

Obviously, Evelyn knew what she should do, and what she should do was the right choice, the compassionate and selfless choice. What she needed to do was to save the Redfern family and agree to Zayn’s deals… Because if she doesn’t, then she would be the sole reason of the death of over 40 people.                                            

Ethan Redfern, her childhood love included.                                 

However, even though Evelyn knew which choice was the right one, she was reluctant with going through with it all. Though everyone thought Evelyn was a compassionate girl, and she was; she wasn’t selfless enough to make the ultimate sacrifice.

She wasn’t selfless enough to give up her body to the King so easily.

Every time Evelyn was convinced with herself that she would agree to the King’s deal and promising him that he would be the only one who will ever possess her body… Sick, frightening images of Zayn forcing Evelyn to get… intimate would flash across her eyes.                                            

“Still undecided of whether you want the Redferns to die more or become the King’s little fuck toy more?” Nora’s bitter and spiteful voice interrupted Evelyn's thoughts as she entered the room by the orders of their parents, carrying a plate of food for her little sister.

“I’m not in the mood for your backhanded insults.” Evelyn muttered from her bed without looking up.

Instead, she just wrapped her duvet tighter around herself and curled into a ball under the sheets.

Evelyn's parents were much aware of Nora and Evelyn's drifting relationship and they had spoken with Nora countless of times; trying to convince her to go easier on Evelyn. But Nora being Nora was letting her jealousy taking control of herself.

Though the older Blackburn loved her sister beyond words, she still couldn’t help but listen to the voice in the back of her head that was telling her that she should be the one getting chosen by the King and not Evelyn…

“You hadn’t touched your lunch.” Nora stated distastefully as she placed the plate of hot food next to the cold and untouched plate of meal that one of the maids that given to Evelyn that morning.

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