Candy's Letter to Jacob Whitman

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Translated from CCFS Italian publication - Vol. 2. p.155

Dear Mr. Whitman,

I do not even know how to start this letter...

It's Candy! A long time has passed, but I have I have always kept thinking of you, and mary and all the others.

Some time ago I was invited to the opening ceremony of the lagan's Hotel Miami. I bet you're amazed that I received an official invitation from them, truly?

That occasion gave me the opportunity to embrace Mary and Stewart.

It was Mary that told me about your transfer to California and who gave me your address. I however, could not make up my mind to pick up a pen...there were so many intense memories to bear...I imagine you can understand me.

Dear Mr. Whitman, I want to thank you for having taken such devoted care of the rose garden. Even Great Uncle William informed me of your kindness.

I was sad to know that the Lakewood residence has been abandoned and is now in disuse, but when I learned that every time you passed to ventilate the rooms and watch over that immense garden I was overcome with emotion. I thank you with all my heart.

I visited Lakewood after a long time and I found it unchanged. The rose gate, the stone entrance, the water door...and the forest...

Wherever I was the image of those trees and the rose garden have never left me, you know? I asked myself if the Sweet Candy roses were flourishing, and when they told me that every spring they came to life and even increased in number, I was left speechless for a while. From the day I left Lakewood, lots of things have happened.

I imagine you already know about Stair. Some events are so painful that they still can't become memories. Perhaps the three gates of the villa are waiting for their owners to return.

At the moment I am back in my native village, where there is the Pony House and I work as a nurse in the happy clinic of Dr. Martin. Naturally I also occupy myself with the orphanage and I have very full days.

Mr. Whitman, you need to know that during my visit to Lakewood I had them give me a Sweet Candy Rose. I intend to cultivate it at the Pony House and have it increase in numbers. I have become quite good at gardening, really! To think I now can determine the weeds from the flowering plants!

I hope that in sunny California surrounded by the affection of your son and grandchildren, you continue to make many flowers flourish. In the hope of us one day meeting again, I wish you well.


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