Carmen squeezed her eyes shut and turned away. Watching the blood pour from Justin's neck as the life drained out of him churned her stomach. She couldn't believe what had just happened, and thought it could only be a dream. The cries from everyone rang in her ears until they stopped.

"But you, my dear. You went too far. You're the worst of them all. You killed my son. Now, you're going to eat him."

Carmen opened her eyes at the familiarity of those words. She heard Amelia say them just seconds before she killed Justin.

"Wh...what?" She heard Justin say. Carmen looked back down the table. Amelia had her hands on Justin's shoulders. His neck wasn't bleeding. He was alive.

"You are going to sink your teeth into my boy and savour every bite."

It must have been a premonition, she realised. Which means Justin was seconds from having his throat slashed by the psychotic woman. He's going to die all over again. She was beginning to panic when she watched the repeat happening right before her eyes.

"I can't, I won't!"

Before Amelia could say the last words Justin would hear, Carmen shouted over to him. "Justin! Do it!"

"What?" He said to her. Carmen felt slightly relieved that she'd changed the course of events already, but the chance of him dying was still high. Amelia's grip on Justin's head was tightening. She looked at Carmen with daggers for eyes.

"If you don't..." she knew she was going to sound crazy, but she had to save his life. Considering how adept they were to crazy, she hoped he would understand. "She's going to slit your throat Justin. If you don't do it... she'll kill you."

Justin remained silent. She could see he believed her, but he didn't want to eat human flesh. She knew the feeling.

"Take a bite," Amelia commanded. With Carmen's premonition of his fate if he refused, Justin leaned closer to the table. The movement was too slow for Amelia, who pushed the back of his head closer to the body.

Everybody turned away when Justin opened his mouth. The flesh was already dripping off Clyde's body like the skin on a chicken thigh. It was partly green and red. Infected.

Justin thought there was no way he was going to come out of eating the raw human meat without some kind of disease. He forced his jaws open and took a bite.

After only a few seconds of chewing, he vomited on the table. It filled his plate and splashed all over him. Amelia laughed as the puke leaked to the floor. She realised she shouldn't have laughed, the flesh on her neck collapsed, exposing the inside of her throat.

Satisfied, she sat back in her seat. Justin couldn't wipe the sick from his chin. He wheezed and coughed but still the taste never left his mouth. The flesh had infested his tongue and the vomit couldn't distract from it either.

"Good boy," Amelia said in a condescending tone. She grabbed some shredded meat from a tray next to Clyde's body and placed it on her plate. Byron did the same with meat that was nearest to him. She took a few bites, with the meat visible as she swallowed, before returning to addressing her guests.

"Did one of you kill my sister?" Tiffany asked, looking mainly at Byron and thinking him to be the main culprit. She wanted answers desperately and now the torture of Justin was over, she wanted to distract any attention the cannibals had on him.

"Not me," Byron muttered in a gruff voice. "I would have fucked her first."

"Fuck you!" Tiffany spat at him.

Amelia gasped. "Watch your language, there are children present." Junius stood up next to his mother. She wrapped her arm around him.

"Good point. Fuck you little bastards too," she called over to Arabella and Junius. The young girl giggled though the little boy appeared distressed. Tiffany wasn't scared of making the matriarch mad. She'd love to see how far she'd get trying to slash her throat.

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