Chapter 3

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Everyone expect for Dimitri and I walked back into Lissa's room. Dimitri and I didn't leave her room so there was no reason to walk back in, it was basically impossible to walk into a room your already in. I had been sitting on Dimitri's lap, watching Christian complete the dare through Lissa's eyes. When I saw they were coming back, I got of Dimitri's lap and sat in my original spot. "I hate you so much, Rosie," Christian said, bursting through Lissa's door after everybody else.
"I know, I know, you got a community service," I said, smirking.
"I can't believe you went into my head again!" Lissa said.
"Yea, well, I wanted to watch but I couldn't be bothered to get up," I said, leaning back on the wall behind me.
"Anyways... Christian, your turn," Eddie said.
"I choose Rose," Christian said, smirking. His dares don't scare me. He couldn't come up with a dare that bad, so obviously, I chose dare. "My dare for you is to... hmmmm... do the tango with Belikov." I paled. Tango was considered a really, you know, dance and required you to really know your partner. Does Christian know this? I sighed and got up. I walked over to Dimitri and pulled him up. Christian was standing near Lissa's cd collection, looking for tango music. "Ah ha!" he said and put the cd on. I sighed and started to dance with Dimitri.

A/N: Short right? I'm trying to get as many chapters in for like one night in the story. So, I'm going to do one dare per chapter with the reactions for the previous one at the start. Then, I'll move on to other games. I was inspired to have the tango thing because I've been listening to the English and Spanish versions of a tango song, even though I don't understand any of the Spanish in the Spanish version -_-. Anyway, I'll update this story again as soon as tomorrow. I'll be able to update a lot more by my Friday because I have holidays coming up, yay! Anyway, bye my wonderful readers!

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