chapter 11

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I avoided anyone for the rest of the day and just slept for most of the afternoon. I didn't' want to move and Aiden seemed to be the only thing on my mind in my sleepy haze.

I had school tomorrow and I wanted to make the most of the time I had before I would have to be awake at 7am on a Monday. Life could be so hard sometimes for a high school student.

While I was busy surfing the web and dancing to music, my phone chimed letting me know I had a new text message. I jumped onto my bed before grabbing my phone and opening my message and seeing it was from Aiden.

I hope you're not missing my presence babe. How will you sleep tonight? ;)

I smiled to myself before I realised what I had done. The smile quickly left my face. I needed to think of something witty but not desperate.

I'll sleep just fine thanks now that the bed hog isn't around. I get the pillows all to myself tonight. Nope not definitely not missing you. ;)

And I sounded like an absolute desperate cheese ball. God, I was awful at trying to be witty or maybe I was flirting. I don't even know. I needed a cold shower right now to get over myself. I was getting giddy over a fucking text message.

What's wrong with me? You're an idiot, that's what. The stupid nagging voice in my head was even informing me how whipped I was on Aiden and yet I still had a thing as far as I knew with Carter.

I'm acting like an emotional slut. Who did I think I was fooling? I needed to make a choice. It was either Aiden or Carter.

I needed to choose quick smart but I was in for a hard choice.

I would definitely need to sleep on it but right now a cold shower would do me good. I plugged my phone in before I jumped in and started dancing to myself.

The shower was refreshing and it always without a doubt helped me clear my head. After I had changed into a fresh pair of clothes, I decided now would be as good as any time to catch up on school work and watch some Netflix.

I quickly checked my phone to see another text from Aiden.

I'm just teasing Savannah.

I know deep down that you always miss me.

Have a good night and I'll see you around at school.

Sweet dreams.

This boy was honestly killing me.


Netflix quickly took over my night and all my thoughts of school or boys was forgotten. My bag was packed for school and I had work straight after till 7 which would keep me busy and my mind occupied.

Carter hadn't been on my mind much lately but we were still going to formal together. I hadn't spoken to him in a few days even before the race, Carter knew that the reason I was at the race in the first place was to support Aiden.

I didn't want Carter to feel neglected so I sent him a quick text to see how he was and what was happening with him. Not long after I got a response.

I'm doing okay.

How have you been?

Is it alright if I come and see you today?

I quickly responded.

I don't feel up to having visitors but I can call you and we can have a chat if you want?

That would be good.

I miss hearing your voice.

I'll call you in a sec

Less than five minutes later my phone rang.

"Hey Carter," I said answering my phone.

"Hi Savannah, how are you going?"

"Good and yourself?"

"I'm good, just need to get my shit ready for work and find a tux for your formal and that's about it."

"Sounds interesting Sav."

"Oh, it's very interesting in my life as a female grease monkey."

"I'm sure it is but I will most definitely speak to you before your formal but just to confirm details with you little lady, I will be picking you up at around five. Does that sound alright to you?"

"It sounds perfect," I smiled to myself.

"Glad you think so girly. Anyway I need a good night's sleep so I'm going to let you go. Goodnight Savannah."

"Goodnight Carter."

I hung up the phone with even more questions and doubts than I started with.


I awoke after a restless night of broke sleep to my alarm clock blaring in my ear at 7am on a Monday morning. Just how I want to start my week. Kill me now please.

After I finally managed to drag my ass out of my bed, I grabbed my bag and my keys and a granola bar and ran out the door. It really was a typical morning for me.

I checked my phone to see if any of the boys have texted me and sure enough Jay sent me a text telling me to meet them at our usual spot in the courtyard.

I went for a quick drive on my bike before going to school to clear my head and kill some time. I reached the school car park and parked my bike before I made my way to the courtyard. Andre, Aiden, Jay and Marco was already sitting on one of the benches,

"Hi Sav," yelled Marco across the courtyard. I jogged over to meet them before dumping my bag and taking a seat.

"What's up guys?" I asked, giving them a nod.

"Well we wanted to have a quick chat with you about a future prospect," laughed Jay.

"English please."

"What idiot means is we were all talking and we thought that after we get our result and after formal, we all go on a road trip spontaneously to give us some time out before everyone goes their own way and plus it's the last time we will all be together really," said Andrew.

"So you're suggesting a road trip before we all become responsible adults? I'm in of course. Where are you planning to go and when?" I asked.

"I'm thinking the place near the beach we used to go as kids. Do you remember Aiden?"

"Yeah and there's lots of shops and good clubs."

"Sounds like a plan, how about we leave like two days after formal? That gives us time to pack and chill out I guess after a few crazy days. We can all go in one car and take it in turns to drive if we need to. I'm in the mood to surf so the beach is a must for me."

"Okay then, I'll call and book it for say eight days."

"That sounds great," I said just as the bell for class rang.

"I'll see you losers later at work," I laughed grabbing my bag and walking to class.


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