On To Camp

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AN I will only talk about her trip to camp but will leave a cliff hanger just till I get comments to who her boyfriend is.

Again I own nothing

I was on my way to camp walking of course. Why you ask I am not allowed to fly or else I will be blasted out of the sky and killed for going into the sky. See the big three really dont like the children from eachother so I  cant go in the sky.

As I went on I fiddled with my coral ring. It was a magic item but it could be anything even other magic items. Then I had my sea shell necklace that turned into my black armor. I know why black because it helps me hide better. As I walked I knew I was close but stoped at a river and relized my lookes from the mist were still there so I snapped my fingers to change my appearance back to my sea green and blue eyes they were a mix of my moms and dads eyes then of course the raven black hair. Now I look like my twin. I woundered would the Stolls and I still do pranks or help the Athena cabin with plans. Then my old friend the Minotaur came out to see me. I then said "Aww its nice to see you to" He looked angry then charged.

Alices pov

As I glumly read my magazine I got pulled into a vison.


"Aww its nice to see you to." a voice I realized it was Bellas. We were in the woods and whatever she was talking to came. It was big and new Bella was in trouble. I wanted to scream and run to her but then she spoke in a even voice "bow and arrows."I then got confused as they appeared on her. She shot it in the heart as it knocked her into a tree. She got up as it disappeared and her bow and arrows went away and grumbled "When will that stupid Minotaur learn oh wait not till were dead." she added with sarcasm. She walked away to get her stuff and brought out golden brownies to eat and when she ate a little not alot she acted as if she was never thrown into a tree. Then she said "No more stops. Camp here I come."

End of vison

Then I was sucked out and everyone stared at me. Then I said " It was Be-" but cut off by Edward "My Bella, she said she wouldn't do any thing stupid. WE NEED TO HELP HER. ALICE were is the camp." "I dont know and DONT yell at me! Your the jerk and dont say it was for her protection! I saw a vison of you saying you never loved her so shut UP!" Everyone stared in shock at my out burst and for what Edward did. Rose spoke "Come on lets pack and then you two will explain on the way there. GO." we left to pack. Bella here we come.

Bella pov

After killing the Minotaur for only gods know how many times.Finally I reached camp. Then I saw Percy and Annabeth talking. She saw me I put a finger to my lips she understood then she reached up and kissed my twin throwing her hat after the giant war it started to work. I grabbed it put it on. Once on Percy said " Why the kiss not that I didnt like it but still." she replied " Just wanted to kiss you." They were going to start  talking but then I slowly wispered in Percys ear "If your done kissing, her give your twin a hug." he looked but saw no one he saw the ripple and grabed the hat, and took me into a bone crushing hug. We headed to the big house to tell Chiron I was back. I tolled him my quest and the Cullens were friendly vamps.

I left to my cabin and unpacked . It felt good to be home but it was missing something. I walked out of the cabin " You missing something? Maybe your boyfriend." then I turned to the voice I loved. I ran to him I havent felt this good since  I left to Forks. I reached him and kissed him. My Boyfriend is....

AN. DONE!!!!I hope you liked it

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