❅ Chapter 7 ❅

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When noon came I couldn't help but feel the growing pains of hunger, so when a maid came by with a fresh supply of towels, I asked her if she could bring me some food. She glanced at me, pity in her eyes. "I'm sorry, miss. I can't. You have to go to the cafeteria if you want something to eat."

"But you brought me food before?" I asked, puzzled.

She shrugged. "Well, yeah. But that was only because Sage Akan himself requested it. And as of now, the requests have stopped."

Annoyed, I said my thanks, took the towels, and shut the door.

I didn't want to go to the cafeteria. What if Sebastian was there? I
couldn't, I wouldn't see him. How could I face him after what we just did?

Shame burned the deepest pit in my stomach. He kissed me, and I liked it. And he knew I liked it. Why would he kiss me? He barely knew me, for God's sake!

With a growl of resentment, I threw the towels across the room where they fell to the floor with a soft thump. Too soft for my liking. I wanted to be loud, to be destructive. I wanted to show everyone here I was a force to be reckoned with and God dammit, they needed to stop pushing me around!

Next, I grabbed my pillows and threw them against the wall. And then my boots. And then lastly, the lamp sitting on my nightstand, which shattered into hundreds of tiny shards of glass. I smiled when it broke apart with a crack, but still my anger didn't leave me.

Giving up, I tiptoed over the broken shards to pick up my boots. Lacing them up, I dragged myself out my door, through the hallways, and down the stairs. The sun was high now, completely overhead, beating down and warming the entire region. Though I was pleased a slight, chilly breeze blew through campus. Glancing around, I spotted the three story building Sebastian had pointed out before and made my way towards it.

Students now crowded the courtyard, playing with brightly colored balls, throwing discs that seemed to float, and some practicing their magic skills on one another.

I witnessed as a large boy with a square head and black, beady eyes elbowed his buddies and pointed at a small brunette in a black, tea-length dress across the sidewalk. He whispered into their ears and all of their eyes went wide with surprise, then eagerness. They bobbed their heads up and down and soon Square Head took on a mischievous smirk. With no more than a whisper, a large gust of wind tore through the courtyard, blowing the poor brunette's gown up until you saw what lay underneath.

She jumped with a shriek, trying desperately to get her dress to go down while hoots of throaty laughter and highfives sounded behind me. My tempter burned. What was it with men?! They all seemed like self righteous, self pleasing, arrogant pigs!

With my anger burning hotter than the sun, I stormed over to the group of boys who were still laughing so hard, tears were streaming out of their eyes. I pinpointed Square Head and yelled, "You think that was funny?"

The large boy stopped laughing upon seeing me, his shoulder squaring for a fight. Something gleamed in his eyes while he cocked a grin. "I thought it was hilarious," he said, his voice low a gruff, as if he'd been smoking fags for three days straight.

I rolled my eyes. "That was uncalled for," I snapped back, putting my hands on my hips.

The boy laughed, looking back at his friends, as if telling them to join. Soon enough and the whole group was laughing at me. My blood boiled and I could feel the heat rising to my cheeks, unable to hide my embarrassment.

"Hey Tewy!" came a voice from behind. 'Tewy' raised his eyes, staring at something behind me and I turned. "At least I wear underwear."

It was the tiny brunette, and though I expected her to be crying in a corner like I would be, she smiled, revealing perfectly straight teeth.

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