I got you too

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This is part 2 , to I got you. Sorta long


Lucas pov

Yn was crying because I was called back into the army. I had a choice to go. And that's what I wanted to do. I know she didnt want me to go but she said she was going to support me no matter what. We were at the airport and she couldnt let me go.

Yn : I - I just dont want to lose you *Crying &' hugging me*

Lucas : Your not going to lose me , I promise

She let go and held her pinky out. I lightly chuckled and we gave each other a pinky promise. We were just talking about old memories when we were interrupted by them saying flight 24 was boarding. I looked at Yn who had her head in her hands I just gave her a big bear hug !

Me : I love you Yn , and I promise ill make it back. And remember ill be back October 24th

Yn : Okay Lucas got it, and I love you too.

We did this extremely long handshake we made when we were kids and hugged before I got in line to board my plane.

I looked back her before I walked through to get to the plain and waved at her and I started walking and so did she. I glanced back and seen her walking slowly with her boyfriend that I dont approve of. I havent said anything to Yn about it about it because she seems to be in love with him. But there's something not right about that dude.

Yn pov

9 months later

I havent heard from Lucas in TWO MONTHS im so scared because he hasnt done this before. But hes supposed to come home tomorrow so im kinda anxious about that.

But right now im waiting on my pregnancy test. Yes pregnancy test.
I think im pregnant by my boyfriend Joshua. I really love him but he's not the one. I can't see us having a future. But now me might be having a baby.

I looked down at it and it was positive . I went to call Joshua and tell him.

Phone call

Me : Josh we gotta talk its important.

Josh : You okay ?

Me : Yeah , but I'd rather talk in person.

Josh : I really cant you know im really busy this week.

Me : Ugh .. Okay.

Josh : Just tell me?

Me : im um ..

Josh : youre um ?

Me : im pregnant

Josh : Positive ?

Me : Yea. I took a test

Josh : the test could be wrong.

Me : And my last doctors appointment said I was showing early signs of pregnancy. Wait why are you questioning me like that?

Josh : Are you sure its my baby

I sat there quiet in disbelief.

Josh : dont get quiet now you little hoe

Me: Josh wtf ?? I just got quiet because I cant believe you would question my loyalty like that are you fucking serious right now ?!?! *on the verge of tears*

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