Chapter - 1

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Chapter 1
"Aiyoo..!" I again cursed myself for being late on another job interview of mine. Oh sorry I forgot to introduce myself Hi I am Nandini..! Nandini Murthy..! I don't know I am really a Murthy or not as I don't remember thing of any sort. Maa used to tell me that I was very young when somebody left me on the staircase of the orphanage. Oh how fool of me I forgot to introduce Maa. She is not my real Maa but when I grow up all the children of orphanage called her Maa so I called her the same. Yeah Maa was very kind and loving to me. She was very protective. But she always scolded me because I am a emotional fool huhhh but I can't help it. Maa always asks me to be strong to be courageous but I can't. I have no one except Maa in this whole to whom I call my own. I was always be a bright student. I got my graduation degree in economics. I decided to do a job as I can't be more burden on Maa as other children of the orphanage needs Maa's help. I gave lots and lots of interviews but I faced rejections from everywhere maybe I have a very bad fate. I think I am cursed girl that's why own parents rejected me well it's ok according to Maa I have to be a strong girl. Telling you all about myself I forgot that I am standing in the premises of MALHOTRA's I am here to try my luck as I saw the add that there was a need of a secretary for the owner God knows what will gonna happen next.
"Yes..! Come in..!"I got the permission to get in as I knocked the lavish glass door of the office of Malhotra owner's manager.
"Go-good Mor-morning Si-Sir..!"That all I could utter.
"Sorry? Do I know you?"The person asked in a jolly smiling mood and I got a little relaxed seeing him smiling.
"No sir..! Actually I saw the add in newspaper that there is a vacancy for a secretary..! So I just came for an interview..!"I said this time a little confident. The person's lips curved in an O and he look at me from head to toe. I nervously adjusted my dress as I was wearing a knee length pink floral top with matching white capri.
"So you are here for the interview hmm..! Good..! Have a seat..! I am Cabir..! Cabir Dhawan..! Malhotra's manager..!"Cabir said smilingly and extended his hand for a shake hand I was hesitant first but eventually I shook hand with Cabir and immediately released my hand from his grip as I was not used to these kind of things specially no experience with boys. I sat infront of him.
"Here are my degrees Sir..!"I gave him my file and he took it. After studying my file for pretty 5 minutes he gave me an impressive smile and I felt a little more relaxed.
"So Ms.Murthy extraordinary performance in all subjects I am quiet impressed..! You are only 20 years old Miss why don't you just enjoy your life?"Cabir said smilingly.
"Sir..! I don't have time to enjoy my life yet..! But once I will get time I will surely do..!"That's all was my answer because I didn't wanted to tell him about my misery story.
"Well ok..! I will ask you a last question..! Why you want this job..?"He asked looking keenly at my face I smiled at his question.
"Sir I want to be independent..!" I said in a determined tone and he again smiled maybe he was impressed.
"Ok..! Miss.Murthy..! I think you a deserve a chance although you don't have a single experience but my instincts are telling me that you are perfect for this job..!"Cabir said an improved tone and I was on cloud nine..! Wow I got the job..! Really? I got the job in the biggest industry of Mumbai..!
"Oh God..! Thank you Sir..! Aiyappa..! I am so happy..!"I became excited like a child and started clapping but my smiled vanished when I saw person all set in his three piece suit came in with so much different kind of expressions and I immediately got up from my seat. He had something in his eyes which made me gulp my saliva in confusion and nervousness. He just gave me a look and turned towards Cabir Sir.
"Cabir..! What about the deal with Singhania's..!"He ask in a cold expressionless voice. Although he didn't talked to me nor he look at me but I felt my legs shaking with fear. I immediately held the chair back so that I don't collapse on the floor I felt him looking at my trembling hands with the corner of his eyes but just for a second. I didn't had the courage to even look at him. I tou even didn't noticed how he looks like just stared at his designer black shoes and felt the exceptional scent of his expensive deo.
"Yeah..! Deal is on Bro..!"Cabir Sir said nodding his head and the man left the office without uttering any other word. "Aray why are you standing? Sit sit..!"Cabir Sir was back in his jolly mood and I sat.
"Sorry to ask you Sir but who was he?"I asked hesitantly as I expected Cabir Sir to get angry on me but he smiled at my question.
"First of all don't call me Sir..! It's Cabir..! And he was Manik..! Manik Malhotra your BOSS..!"Cabir Sir oh sorry I mean Cabir told me and I felt dizzy so he was Manik? My boss? Kharoos..!
"Ohkay..!"I just nodded my head.
"Cheer up..! He is a nice man..!"Cabir patted my hand maybe he noticed my uneasiness for Manik and I faked a smile. Then Cabir told me the things I have to do for Manik Sir I listened to everything carefully and after signing my contract I happily came out of his office. It seems today was my day I was happy like a two year old kid and I was almost running towards the exit when suddenly I bumped into someone and I felt something really hot on my bare right hand wrist which had only bangles on them it was hot coffee. I shrieked in pain and look at the person he was MANIK.
"Are you blind?"He shouted at me and instantly tears welled up in my eyes. First I was in pain secondly I wasn't used to such kind of loud and rude behaviors.
"I am sorry..!"I said as a lump stuck in my throat.
"What sorry? Who the hell are you?"He asked leaning closer to my face. "Stop crying..!"He again shouted and I instantly wiped my tears.
"I am Nan-Nandini Sir..!"I stammered.
"Nandini who? Listen you are not Queen Victoria that you will tell me your name and I will recognize you..! What the hell are you doing in my office?"He asked angrily. How much senseless he was my wrist was burning badly and he was asking me those lame questions.
"Cabir Sir has appointed me as your secretary Sir..!"I said in a low voice looking keenly for the first time at his face Gosh he was so sinfully handsome I have heard about Manik Malhotra he was the most arrogant businessman ever know to the world. He was full of himself. I had heard that MANIK MALHOTRA was a person who cares for nobody but seeing him so close was something really different. Feeling him close were provoking some very different sensations in me what were those sensations? Well I didn't knew..! I saw his expressions changed but I was unable to figure out what was he up to.
"Apply ointment..!"He said in a low voice and left. My pupils dilated with shock. Really? He saw my bruises..! Wow..! Don't know but his a little gesture of concern was so heart warming..! I smiled or maybe I blushed whatever it was I felt heat radiated out of my cheeks and I happily run outside. He is not that bad either that's all I thought about him.
Manik's POV
I rushed towards Cabir's cabin and grabbed him from his collars.
"Kaminy..! Why you appointed her?"I shouted angrily and Cabir laughed shamelessly. I wanted to punch him very very hard on his face but I didn't rather pushed him on the chair. Hi I am Manik and I don't need an introduction..!
"Aren't you happy?"Cabir asked setting his collars.
"Damn you..!"I shouted as I was really frustrated.
"Come on dude..! Open the gates of your heart..! Why? Why have you locked them? Let the fresh air come in..! Happiness is knocking at your door bro..! Don't' be so hard on yourself...!"Cabir said in a serious tone patting my shoulder and angrily shrugged his hand away with that I came out of his Cabin. I drove back to my so called HOME which was just a home made of bricks and cement..! I sat on the bar counter and gulped as wine as I could.
HER face flashed in my head..! Her name was Nandini wow..! Nandini sounds so good..! But damn..! This is not right..! I should stay away from her but how? Destiny has tricked me for the first time..! She is my secretary now..!
You know for the first time I saw her on the road..! I was comfortably sitting in my BMW along with Cabir when my driver stopped the car as the signal was red. I aimlessly look out of the window and I saw her. She was maybe waiting for an auto it was a sunny day but she was smiling there was no frown on her face suddenly I saw her walking towards a small kid the kid was a beggar she smilingly knelt in front of him and asked the kid what he wanted? I was so close that I clearly heard her conversation with the kid. The kid told her that he wanted an ice cream she smilingly asked for an ice cream to the vendor and opened her wallet I clearly saw a only hundred rupee note in her pink butterfly wallet she paid for the ice cream and rest of the money she stuffed in the kid's torn pocket. Then I saw a very lovely gesture the kid kissed her right cheek and she too kissed the kid's forehead. The kid's face was full of mud but she didn't cared.Unknowingly a smile crept on my lips maybe for the first time I smiled and seeing me smiling Cabir too look at the girl. Then she waved a goodbye to the kid and walked away. My gaze followed her until she vanished in the crowd. Cabir mocked me about her and I just ignored him. Then signal turned green and I again got busy in my life.
Today when I again saw her in Cabir's cabin I was shocked for an instant but I didn't showed it to her then I felt her nervous I smiled inwardly and again walked out thinking that she must be here for some other reasons and I also thought that Cabir must have forgot her. But this destiny I again banged into her and I spilled coffee on her hand I wanted to grab her hand and wanted to apply some ointment but I didn't because I didn't wanted her let in me,then I saw her tears i wnated to wipe themoff but i didn't rather i shouted on her so that she herself wipe her tears and she did at very next moment she was so innocent..! And when I came to know she is secretary I instantly concluded that Cabir remembered her clearly. I didn't wanted to show any care for her but still I couldn't resist myself from telling her to apply an ointment..! Why God? Why I feel so attracted towards her?
I hate the word LOVE..! I hate the word CARE..! Because I never ever get those things in my life..! I was very young when my parents got separated..! My nanny brought me up she used to tell me that my parents had a love marriage..! So during all these years I hated the word LOVE because it only leads to distraction..! I am now 30 years old but still my concept about love is same..! I have to stay away from her..! Because I AM NOT WEAK..! I will never ever let my emotions win..!

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