Let me tell you, Allen. 5

Magsimula sa umpisa

"Hallooo!" she's giddier the last time I saw her which was just yesterday. She jumps to my bed and smile to me as she mimics Bugs bunny's famous line, "What's up doc?"

"Nothing's up you weird girl," I throw my hand on her face and pushes it lightly.

"Eeek! Get your big hands off me!" she squeals and pushes it away from her face as irritation puckered her brow.

"What happened last night?"

"Ya don't remember?"


"You sure alzheimer's not your reason of being admitted to the hospital?" 

"No. It's just that, I really can't remember how I went back to the hospital. The last thing I remember, I fell asleep on one of the gravestones and after that... I saw myself waking up in my hospital bed. Did you bring me here? Or being in the graveyard was just a big dream? It's kinda confusing me..."

"Secret!" she stands up and pulls my hand, "Let's go."

"Huh? Where?!" don't tell me she wants to go out again at this hour.

"To Neverland." she winks and let go off me, "Go get your jacket and shoes. I'll take your blanket and socks again."

"Neverland? Who are you, peterpan?"

"Nah, I'm tinkerbell... You are peterpan."

"Stop fooling with me, Shekinah. I'm so not gonna play with your games again. Go back to your room and sleep. If someone get us caught, it'll be trouble."

"Oh c'mon Allen, this is the last time I'd ask this favor to go out with you... Afterall, the day after tomorrow will be your operation day right?" I try to remember if I told such information to her but I failed, "Pleaaaseeee?"

"Oh geez," I jump off my bed and went ahead to my cabinet, putting my jacket, socks and shoes as she wraps my blanket around her and puts my socks on her small feet, "This would be the last time I'm going out with you at an hour like this, you hear me?"

"Aye aye captain!" 


Tonight is a different night. Instead of just walking around somewhere, she brought me to a train station.

"Where do you think we're going?"

"Somewhere." she walks around with her hands at her back and orders, "Go buy a ticket."

"Why so?!"

"Just go and buy it!" can she be more demanding than this? 

"Fine. What destination?" I don't what she has in mind but I don't think there would be any harm on playing along with her. I might as well enjoy this 'coz this would be one of the last nights of my life if ever I won't survive the operation.

"Up to the final destination of this train."

"Are you crazy?!" 

"C'mon! Just buy it!" then she pushes me to the ticket machine. 

"Geez, fine." lucky I always bring my wallet with me and has atleast $60 in it. She sits to one of the benches as she wait for me to buy some tickets. I take my $20 and insert it in the machine 'coz each ticket up to the final destination costs $10.

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