Let me tell you, Allen. 5

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[I think with this part, it might confuse some na hindi pa nakakabasa ng 11ways. teehee. :D]

Let me tell you, Allen. 

...ends here.

11 Ways to forget your ex-boyfriend told us that Allen left her beloved ex-girlfriend Sena because he can't bear hurting her when she finds out about him dying. Allen thought that he is dying but it's just his pessimism, he's not dying... He has a heart transplant but it's only a 20% chance of success but as what Shekinah told him, percentage is just a number and believing is the real deal.

Let me tell you that nothing is possible when you have faith and hopes with you. When you feel you're inbetween life and death, don't feel sad 'coz you're in the most safest existence... you're in the arms of hope. Feel it and dare to believe. 


Knock knock.

I suddenly become uneasy, "C-come in!"

"Time for your 10pm medicine, Allen." it's one of the nurses, nakahinga din ng maluwag. Since this morning, evertime someone knocks I get panicky by the thought that it might be Shekinah... or if she's even existing. Up until now, my mind's crossed by last night's... whether it's a dream or not, I have no idea. I've been waiting for her to show up again but the day's long gone and no one named Shekinah's knocking. 

"Hey, would you mind if I ask something?"

"Sure," she said as she arranges the medicine from a box on my table.

"D'you know who's at the other side of this room?"

She stops from what she's doing and looks at me in terror, "Why'd you ask?"

"Well, If you happen to passby her room later, can you say 'hi' for me?"

"Uhh, yeah sure. Take your medicine Allen," she said stammering and her hands are shaking as she hands me my medicine.

"Ok, thank you."

"O-ok. I better go. Take a rest now." she exits rapidly. Weird.

I drink my medicine and watch something on the television and after some quite while, I turn it off and close my eyes to sleep. I woke up by the knocking sound on my wall, I rub my eyes and take a look at my bedside clock... it's 11pm.


The knocking repeats. As a response, I knock as well. She stops knocking and after awhile, I hear a knock on my door.

"Come in," this time, I'm sure it's Shekinah.

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