Bella Swan The Demigod

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AN:This is my first so along the way give me some ideas and we will go from there. Please no hating if you don't like it don't read it.

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Bella POV

Being told the person who "loves you" didn't, hurt, even though I was sent on a quest to learn about the vamps in Forks if you don't know me I'm Bella Swan or Bella Jackson. Ya Charlie and Rene( AN is that how you spell it) are NOT my parents. They are Sally Jackson and wait for it Poseidon. You may ask "Like the god?" or "No he's not he's a myth." well they are all real not a myth. Yes before you ask my twin yes twin is Percy Jackson the great I am not going into his titles I am also great because without me or my BFF Annabeth Percy would not be as famous.

Now lets get back to the topic Edward Cullen blah, took me to the woods to tell me he and his family were leaving and he never loved me. Yay quest is done! But I needed to keep the lover and weakling act on an I begged him not to and stay but he left I waited 5 minutes then went back home and wrote a note to Charlie.

Dear Charlie,

Thankyou and Rene for letting me stay both of you are very kind demigods. But sadly my quest is complete and I must go to camp.


Bella Jackson

When finished I packed and IMed Percy we talked once the call ended I checked everything and left. Off to camp I go.

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