Alyssa's Tail: Book One. [A Mermaid Story]

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Alyssa Harper's funeral was on a fitting day. It was dreary and cold, which is extremely rare for a summer in Miami.

As the crowd took their seats in the church, there were a few people who were more noticed than others.

First, Mrs. Elizabeth Harper and Mr. Paul Harper, the mother and Father of Alyssa. Elizabeth was looking unlike herself in a black dress and sunhat, as opposed to her usual bright, floral prints. Paul was quiet, but that was too be expected when his only daughter died at 16.

Next, there was Donnie, the deceased's brother He was the last one to see her, and a certain murmer went through the crowd when he walked through the ornate church doors.There were some who believed that Alyssa told Donnie that she was going to commit suicide. He kept his head down and walked to the front pew of the church. 

Then came Tina. She looked as petite  as ever. Even at a funeral, she stood out immensely. What, with her goddess-like blond hair, and thin body, she looked almost too fragile to touch. She was Alyssa's best friend. Her  black gown and makeup gave of an aura of "leave me alone." So everyone did.

The rest of Alyssa's school friends and accuaintences filed in and were ready to start the service, so the pallbearers brought in the coffin. There had yet to be a body found to fill that coffin, though.

You see, Alyssa Harper was on her first boat ride in 6 years with her brother as captain. And on that very day, she disappeared. With a loud splash, she was in the water and gone. Donnie said he jumped in after her, but the body was never recovered. Of course she couldn't swim, so she drowned.

Or so they thought.


Water is life’s mater and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water. — Albert Szent-Gyorgyi


"Decisions, Decisions" Alyssa murmurs as she looks into her closet. Her big, blue room was facing the Ocean, and the sun was just beginning to shine through the curtains. It was the first day of her sophomore year.

She fell onto her bed, exasperated, Her long brown hair spread out behind her. She had to of tried on at least 10 outfits this morning, but none fit right. Too tight, too loose, too fancy, too shabby. Just then her best friend walked through the door, not even bothering to knock.

"Nice bra, Lu" Tina said, using her childhood nickname.

"Well maybe if you'd knock, you would'nt have to see it." Alyssa says playfully, throwing a shirt at her.  "I cant decide on what I'm going to wear."

Tina sighed and went over to the closet. She was the fashion guru, and always knew who looked good in what. She looked good in everything. Even a plastic bag, if she ever tried  one on. She handed Alyssa a blue tank top and white jean shorts.

"Put this on and hurry up. We've gotta go, or will be late." Tina says impatiently. Alyssa throws on the outfit, which of course looked good.

After doing hair check and makeup check, they both flew down the stairs and through the back door, grabbing a muffin on the way out. Mrs. Harper and Mr. Harper taught surfing classes, and were always up at the crack of dawn.

Tina and Alyssa began the short, 10 minute walk to school. They walked down the tourist filled, beach front neighborhood, until they got to the Intersection. You could turn right, go through the town to school. THAT was their usual way. Or you could go left, and take the beach route. Same distance, but Alyssa wouldn't be caught dead on the beach or near,-shiver-, water. Alyssa was about to turn when Tina pulled her arm.

"Lets go this way today"

"Tina. You know I cant do that."

Tina put one hand  on her hip in a pout.
"I don't understand this fear of water. You used to go swimming with me all the time! I have the scrapbooks to prove it." She waves her hand and gives another little tug on Alyssa's arm, who flinches.

"I-I't wanna talk about it. You wouldn't understand." Alyssa says nervously, looking at the ground. Tina gives a loud sigh, trying to make her disappointment known. She complied and once again to the normal route through the small town to their high school.

Alyssa had a reason for her discomfort toward water. 6 years ago, she had a mystifying yet nightmarish encounter on the beach during the night. She has told no one about her secret, and never intends to.  But that will be harder and harder to do.

This sophomore year, P.E is a required class, and one of the units is surfing. Alyssa knew the moment she got her feet wet, the painful feeling would return. She would feel like she was being drowned, and everyone would know. She cringed at the thought.

Tina and Alyssa walked the rest of the way to school talking nonchalantly about random things. But no matter what they chatted about, the surfing unit would not, could not, escape Alyssa's thoughts. And before she knew it, they were in front of the school and her peers were swarming all over the campus, catching up with old friends and complaining about the upcoming day.

Alyssa took a deep breath as she and Tina stepped into the ocean of people, ready to force their way to the lockers, and to they're group of friends.

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