Chapter Fourteen: A Heart Attack Waiting to Happen

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Chapter Fourteen: A Heart Attack Waiting to Happen

      “No,” Preston said for the fifty-third time. I had been counting since we got into the car.

      “Ugh, Prest, you’re overreacting!” Piper complained from the backseat where she had been condemned to sit as a form of punishment.

      “Overreacting? Now, Piper, I think that I’m reacting just fine,” he asserted with a snort. “What happened to Michael? He was so nice. So American! What was wrong with him?”

      “Michael?” Piper said slowly. “Preston, Michael was gay and we dated almost two years ago.”

      “No, you were just dating him. Like, yesterday,” Preston insisted.

      “Oh! Do you mean Matt? Matt and I were dating, but then we broke up two days ago,” she said, not an ounce of remorse in her tone. That was Piper. She didn’t dwell on her exes—instead, she moved right on to the next individual of the male gender who made himself available.

      “Why did you break up?” I questioned, wondering what the reason had been this time.

      “Well, he started talking about the future,” she said, quirking her head to the side as I witnessed from the mirror. “You guys know how I feel about the future.” And we did. She hated talking about it. Piper was a live-in-the-moment-and-forget-the-past-and-future type of girl. She loathed pondering the time that had yet to occur.

      “Didn’t you say that he was ‘The One’?” I questioned with a sigh, aware of her fickle tendencies.

      “Yeah, but I didn’t mean it literally! Gosh! I never actually mean it! Well, I do, but for that moment. Like, he was The One then, but now he’s not,” she tried to defend her absurd philosophies.

      “That makes no sense,” Preston voiced exactly what I had been thinking.

      “Yes it does, just not to you,” Piper huffed, crossing her arms across her chest tightly.

      “Fine, so you broke up with Michael—” Preston began an analysis, but his twin interrupted him.

      “Matt,” Piper corrected less than helpfully.

      “Yeah, whatever. You broke up with Matt, and then two days later when you’re trapped in detention with Livy and that—that loser, you just casually decide to start dating each other? No. Piper, I won’t let you do that,” Preston determined firmly.

      “He’s not a loser,” Piper and I defended Luke at the same time.

      “Whatever,” Preston mumbled disinterestedly, turning down a street I knew fairly well. Though I had originally thought that the plan was to head over to the Kent Household, I realized that we were currently about to take a brief detour.

      “And what do you mean that you ‘won’t let me do that’?” Piper went on, her anger level growing.

      “You’re not dating him,” Preston said, equally as fired up as his sister.

      Besides the looks, DNA, slutty inclinations, and me, another thing that the Kent twins had in common was their angers. When they got going, nothing could calm them. Preston was like a pissed off grizzly bear, and Piper practically turned into a rampaging rhino with a rhinestone phone case. They had tempers. Normally, they were both relatively composed and sociable individuals, but if, say, one of them were to start dating someone of whom the other didn’t fully approve, their wraths saw the light of day.

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