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Jocelyn's POV

We started eating and Shawn asked "what songs are you gonna peform" "Signs, Where art thou, and Skate is gonna peform one of his songs from the Maloski albums" Sammy said. We kept on talking and finished eating Jack G washed the dishes and we decided to watch a movie, we debated and choosed White Chicks.

I sat in the couch and Shawn sits next to me Marina was talking to Hayes.

Marina's POV

I was talking Hayes "hey can tell you something" I ask "sure I wanted to tell you something to but you go" "ok so I really don't know what we are but all I wanna say is can we just stay as best friends like we are I mean I don't really mind if you kiss me in the cheek or anything but lets just stay as best friends" "I was actually gonna tell you the same thing" "oh so are we ok" he nodds and I hug him he hugs back.

I go to the couch and sit next to Sammy and Nate. The movie started..............20 minutes later "any of you want popcorn" Johnson ask "please" every one says together.

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