The Pond

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                The pond was still. It’s surface was calm, no movement what so ever, and the water clear like a mirror. The pond felt good, relaxed. It stayed that way for a long time, since it could remember. Why would it be any other way? But everything around it changed, everything it reflected.” What does ‘change’ feel like?”, it wondered.  “Yes”-the pond finally thought to itself, “this IS getting a bit boring. And if I stay like this, nothing will happen anyway.” It definitely decided “I shall be clear no MORE!”. So it set out to perform a little play and started waving. “Interesting”, the pond thought, “and a bit tickly.” So as it waved, it wanted to see how far can it go. It created small waves, big waves, circular ripples, and even some square ones! The waves hit each other and created more waves. It was fun.  But after a while of constant waving, the pond became more and more inquisitive. It thought to itself: “This feels great but... what does it look like? What would it feel to see it?”. It came to it’s mind because the ponds water reflected everything around it, but not itself.  It served as a mirror for everything around, but there was no pond for the pond to see itself. “Does this waving business look good? I wouldn’t like to look silly.” But more than that, it wanted to know how it feels to be the audience for it’s own play. The pond reached a dead end.

                But then an idea came to it’s mind! It remembered when the waves hit each other, small pieces of the pond separated for a split second. What if...? “Well, I can’t create another pond, but I can create a large amount of small ones! So the pond started creating special waves which went higher and higher, until at the very top... drops started to separate. It felt that it lost a part of itself, but figured it was alright, and well worth the effort.

                “What is going on?”, the drop thought to itself, “Where am I?”. It was flying through the air, surrounded by other drops, like itself. There was a wave under them, and it was huge. Whenever they thought about it, they felt even smaller. And a bit alone. The drop felt separated from the world around it. As if the air is not where it belonged, but was there just visiting. “That’s silly, better not think about it.” And even so, there were other drops for company, a lot of them actually. And each was different- some were small, other larger, there were perfect spheres, and wobbly ones, and even some that were edgy. But interestingly, every drop had an unique reflection of the world around it. “Why is it like that?”

                It wasn’t long until some drops started arguing. Drops from each wave stayed together, though a few visited other waves. But some of them that stayed disliked the drops from other waves. They were more different and strange, therefore not good. And some drops had a bigger wave, which annoyed the other ones. They bickered at each others differences, even though the one drop reflecting these events found it crazy. “They are all different anyway, how come they don’t see it?” And it felt alone again, since some of the drops were arguing and others just went about their business.

                Suddenly, something happened that changed everything. As the drops reflected and, sadly, argued, the drop noticed some of them were going the wrong way in the air. They were going down. And interestingly, they were the ones who were here the longest. They all agreed that drops circle around in the air, and didn’t give much thought to it. But as these ones continued falling, they all reflected with anticipation. They all have seemed to come from the crest of the wave, though they didn’t know how, when and why, but these ones were falling towards the dark trough of the wave. It didn’t look good. Then the first drop hit the water surface, and it... disappeared. All the drops started panicking! What did this mean? Where did it go? What happened to it? Is this what awaits all of them? This made the drops think what it meant to BE a drop? What were they, and since it seems they were not going to be in the air forever, what was their purpose? The drop thought that this could be something to unite them, and figure out together what it’s all about. Oh, how wrong it was. Soon enough, the drops went on as before, arguing, because each had it’s own unique opinion. Two groups prevailed. One stated that the reflections they posses are something given, and that the water is only a vehicle. Other, however, said that it’s the water that matters, and reflections are just a by-product. It all confused the one drop, who thought there was more than that to the subject. But it just didn’t know. And the waves though frightened it, as more and more drops fell in.