The Final Chapter

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Roberto joined the other officers by the lake, "Did you see the body?"

He was staring at the man currently in charge, a Detective Tristan Beaumont. The dark-haired officer scratched the stubble on his chin, "Hell it's been a long day. Yes, I saw the body. I'm going to have forensics fish her out. One of the staff members here already identified her as a Genevive-"

"So did you find my partner?" Roberto asked. "Now his girlfriend's MIA too. Get your ass in gear and find them Beaument."

Detective Beaumont muttered something about ungrateful old men before narrowing his hazel eyes on Roberto, "Montoya, I let you in on this as a favor. Just because you're my sister's husband doesn't mean you can call the shots. If you're so worried about your partner, how about you take a look around and find him?"

"Well if you want something done right I guess you really do have to do it yourself," Montoya tried calling Dani and Jax again with no response. He looked at the ground and noticed branched had been stepped on and a few plants had broken stems. "I guess they went this way." Roberto walked through the wooded area until a man came running towards him.

"Are you the police?" the tall man asked. "I was on the phone with 911 but my phone died."

"I am. Who are you?"

"Thank God. There's two women that need help in a cabin back there. My wife and my friend Jax are with them but there's also an unstable couple. The wife threatened to kill her husband and then herself."

"Is she threatening anyone now?"

"No, she seems okay now...but still."

"You said there's two pregnant women?"

"Yes and one of them is miscarrying. She fell down some steps. The other just gave birth."

"Is it up ahead?" Roberto asked.


"Go back by the lake and find a Detective Beaumont. He'll direct the medics to follow you. They just arrived since this place is in the middle of nowhere."

Roberto continued towards the cabin where his partner and perhaps Dani were at.

"You're lying!"

Everyone looked to their right to see Bart Silverman standing at the top of the stairs. "I never touched that woman!"

"He doesn't even care that she's hurt," Molly whispered to none in particular before glancing at her husband who was still trying to keep Meredith calm.

"You son-of-a-bitch," Jax lurched up the stairs and tackled Dr. Silverman to the ground outside of the stairwell. "Where's Dani?"

Dr. Silverman heaved himself up, "How would I know? She attacked me after I told her you could never give her a child. I'll press charges against the two of you!"

Dr. Silverman jerked backwards as Jax's fist connected with his jaw, "You're the liar! We know all about you sleeping with the women here. This whole place is a scam."

"Jax, what the Hell are you doing?" Roberto's voice interrupted his tirade.

"It's about time you got here. Where are the medics?" Jax dragged Dr. Silverman to a sitting position.

"What the Hell is going on here?" Roberto looked at the black eye that was forming on Dr. Silverman's face.

Simon and Shelly came out from the stairwell to join them.

"She's still unconscious," Shelly said about Tammy. "When are they coming for her?" She was still carrying the baby who was squirming in her arms.

"Now that she's had the baby, maybe we should move her. You have cuffs on you?" Jax asked Roberto who placed them on Dr. Silverman.

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