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*Harley's pov*

A lot of things happen in this chapter lololol

My relationship with Amber was... weird.

I found it odd how the person who used to hate and bully me now wanted to befriend me and eat the food from my fridge.

After our strange, socially ambiguous sleepover we spent the morning in the kitchen where I made countless pancakes for breakfast. Amber already ate three, but was reliant on me to make more.

"How many more do you want?" I asked in a quiet mumble.

"Like... just stack them up on a plate." She responded with an eager hum.

I put another six on a plate and searched thoroughly through the fridge for a cold can of whipped cream. I also found ice cream, strawberries and syrup. Amber ate most of what I put in front of her except for the strawberries.

I only had enough batter to make myself one small pancake.

"Ugh, cravings are the worst." She spoke yet managed to scoff a spoonful of ice cream down her throat.

"Do you think Harry and Clyde would be out by now?" I inquired in both suspicion and concern. I haven't heard from Harry since last night and it was slightly worrying.

"I don't know, don't care," She brought the can of whipped cream to her mouth. "Clyde's a fucking asshole. This sounds mean, but I honestly wouldn't care if he died."

I choked on my pancake.

I coughed, my hands trying to scramble and gather the pieces of pancake falling out of my mouth. "Gosh, that's a bit mean."

"He's kinda cute, though. He'll be a great dad... If he quits his dumb side job. He has that real caring side to him, you know? Always putting people, well, Fruit Loop before himself." She explained with a hidden smile on her beautiful, glowing skin.

I always envied her for being pretty, but not anymore. She was so nice to look at, and not in a way that was so sweet it made me sick. She was amazing.

"Well, I doubt Clyde will die. But eh, I don't know if I like him. Harry tells me he always has to throw himself under the bus to keep Clyde safe." I uttered quietly in hopes that it wouldn't make her snap at me. Apparently pregnancy causes mood swings.

But her face dropped, a scowl now forming. Oh, shit. "Amber, I-I didn't mean anything by it-"

"That fucking liar," She whispered under her breath. "Clyde almost got killed last week trying to keep Harry's name clean-"

"Good morning."

I snapped my head to the side with wide eyes as my mother suddenly entered in her robe and pyjamas. She took a look at me, then Amber, and then the mess.

"Who's this?" Mam cracked a curious smile.

"This is my...." I paused as I stared at Amber in curiosity. "Are we friends?"

She laughed awkwardly. "Of course."

"Oh," I whispered. "Mam, this is my friend Amber."

"Hello," She greeted. "It's nice to finally see Harley with a friend."

I smiled yet I had nothing to be happy about.

To change topic, I softly asked Amber. "What were you saying before my mother walked in?-"

"Oh, nothing," She changed topic also as she quickly put her dish in the sink and wiped her mouth dry. "I'd better get going, actually."

"Oh," Mam raised an eyebrow. "So soon?"

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