She Will Be Loved- chp 2

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Chapter 2

With the start of the new week came the resuming of prison life. My only solace was that Emi's school started a day before mine did so I would be able to see her off on her first day. I was probably just as excited as she was. I couldn't believe that my baby would be starting school today. She was growing up so fast, soon she would be graduating then onto Elementary school and pretty soon her own roller coaster ride known as High School. My God I was beginning to feel old.

"Emi you have to eat all your breakfast if you want to have a good first  day." I said, trying to coax her into finishing her toast. She shook her head and began whining.

"No mommy. . .school now . ."

I sighed. "Jayden?"

Jayden walked over to us from where he stood by the kitchen sink watching us. I loved how he was dressed this morning. The shirt he wore complimented his eyes perfectly and he had combed back his hair. He gently took the toast from my hand and turned Emi so she was facing him. "Hey Emi guess what? Everyone at school's eating breakfast right now, you don't wanna be left out do you? Think about, if you hurry to school then when the others get there they'll be talking about the food they ate and you won't have anything to say." Emi looked down; Jayden was getting to her. "So you know you should eat then when you get to school you can show off that you had a big breakfast with french toast from France!"


"Go with it Kai, I'm on a roll."

I rolled my eyes but said no more. He clearly knew what he was doing because he got her to finish her toast and half her bowl of cereal. It amazed me just how great he was with her, then again he had a lot of practice since he was surrounded by his family which consisted of a few children around Emi's age. Moving in with him really taught me what family was supposed to be.

"Alright Emi, time to hop into you uniform." I said, gesturing for her to follow me. Jayden refused to have her in any but the best school even though I tried my hardest to assure him that any school would have been fine. He simply wouldn't hear of it. As a result Emi would be attending the Our Lady Of The Archangel Preparatory. It went from Pre-K straight up to the 6th grade. At first I was totally against the idea because it sounded like a stuck up environment but then Jayden talked me into taking a tour of the school and I actually liked it. Emi would be receiving the best by going there and that was exactly what I wanted.

Emi jumped from the stool she had been sitting on and ran to catch up with me, nearly slipping because of the socks she was wearing. I swooped her up and took her back to her room. After getting her into her uniform I took her to her mirror where I pulled her hair into two pigtails that fell past her shoulder. Then I tied ribbons to them; I couldn't resist, they just made her look so adorable!

"School now mommy?" She asked with her big liquid brown eyes staring up at me.

"Yup, just grab your shoes while I get your bag." I said, reaching for her bag that I hid on the top shelf of her closest. She threw herself on the floor and grabbed her school shoes that I let her pick when we went shopping for her school stuff. She was so anxious that she decided she could put them on herself. It was a good effort . . .though it would have been better if they weren't put on the wrong way. Oh well. She was pretty proud of her effort.

When I got downstairs a few of Jayden's relatives were down there waiting. Apparently they were all dying to see little Emi in her uniform. I swear we spent like an extra half an hour downstairs with them just taking picture after picture until Emi got really annoyed and began to whine. That was our queue to leave; there would be no good pictures beyond that point.

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