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Hi lovely peeps of this world, ok so I have been getting way too many alerts on wattpad and I see that I got a 182 notifications in wattpad and way more I added and I got 506 notifications. I was in shock cause I got in my second book 1,000 reads and a lot of votes for all my books.

So to give back it kinda like a giveaway sorta thing but whatever here are the steps:

1. You must be following me and KimMai4321
2. If you have a book you have to give us a shout out and telling people to check out are books
3. Be sure to mention the user names or it won't count
4. Vote in our books any at least 5 chapters
5. After you have done these will follow all of you and pick 5 people to give shout outs to and you will get a lot of votes from us from your books

-people who don't have a book just make it as a message to notify your followers-

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