Chapter XXI: Tension

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“Are you sure about your choice, Andrea?” her mother asked.

Andrea woke up to find herself already in bed, she knocked on Lance’s door but found his room empty, knowing the she will not be able to sleep any more, she went to the house’s backyard and sat on one of the pool chairs by the poolside and focused her gaze at the nearly starless sky, still shook from the confession earlier.

She craned her neck a little to see her mother, Pamela, standing by the doors leading to the house.

“Mom, why are you still awake? Where’s Dad?” she asked, rather hesitantly.

Pamela walked towards the chair beside Andrea’s and sat down, “He went out for a drink,” she answered.

They remained silent for a while longer; the slight wind rustling the trees surrounding their backyard accompanied it. In a different situation, Andrea might have found the silence comforting but it wasn’t a different situation and she felt as if she’s being suffocated.

“Mom,” she said, her words coming out strangled.

Her mom, who was looking at the sky, turned her emotionless face, “Yes, Andrea?”

“I’m sorry,” she said.

“For what?,” Pamela asked, her tone strained.

“For falling in love with Lance,” she said, and when her mom did not respond she continued, “I know it was wrong, Mom. I-“

“Yes, it is wrong, Andrea. Completely and utterly wrong,” Pamela cut her off, in the same icy tone that she heard moments ago.

“Mom,” she said, tears threatening to escape her eyes.

“Andrea, I don’t know what I did wrong for you to turn into the person you are now,” Pamela said in a tone filled with regret.

Andrea wanted to cry. Her mother just said the worst thing to her, “You did nothing wrong, Mom. Just because I fell in love with Lance doesn’t mean I’m something terrible,” she defended herself.

“Tell me, Andrea, was Lance the only man you dated that is a handful of years older than you are?” she asked, and Andrea’s eyes widened. Did she know?

“Mom, it’s not-“

“Answer me,” she reprimanded.

Andrea shook her head.

“Andrea I know who you dated. I knew you dated men that are much older than you,” Pamela said.

Andrea looked at her mom, her eyesight a little blurred because of the tears, “Mom, I can explain that,”

Pamela shook her head, “I thought that was just a phase, but I thought wrong. You even went ahead and started dating the man that has been around since you were just a fetus! What is wrong with you, Andrea?” Pamela said, raising her voice, her tone sounding disappointed.

“Nothing’s wrong with me, Mom,” she shook her head, her voice breaking.

“I can never accept your relationship, Andrea. You may hate me for it, but I can never accept it,” Pamela said, stood up and walked away.

Andrea did not turn to look at her mother’s retreating figure, she remained sobbing on the pool chair.

The party ended almost as suddenly as it started. It was boring and for the most part, adult-oriented. But Lance did not care about that, what he cared about is the tension between Andrea and Pamela.

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