"Ugh fine! Tell me the short cut." I say, giving in.

I'd rather walk in silence than sit here listening to her whine for the next 15 minutes.

She nodded happily as she started telling me the 'short cut'. "Okay so you have to go by the back, you know where Andrews locker is? There. Go through the exit door. Don't worry there's no alarm. Then walk down the hall or alley- whatever you want to call it and the second door to your left is going to lead to the hallway my locker is in. It'll save you a good five minutes. But don't go to the right or you'll end up in different hallways and not the first door, you'll end up in Ms. Walkers classroom." I nodded getting up.

I made my way to Andrews locker and saw the door she was talking about. I walked through it taking out my phone.

Speaking of Andrew, I hadn't seen him all day. I should text him something might be wrong.

I went to our messages and sent him a text.

Are you okay?? Why aren't you at school?

I continued down the 'alley' and started to hear voices. I ignored them seeing as I had just gotten into trouble for listening in to conversations that weren't mine.

My phone dinged and I looked to see that I received a message from Andrew.

Yea sorr

I didn't get to finish reading his response seeing as I had bumped into a wall and fell, dropping my phone in the process.

Déjà vu anyone?

I gasped as I picked it up slowly.

My phone! Why? Why!

I looked at it sadly and checked for any damage. There was a big crack running across the screen that wasn't there before.

"Awe no. No, no. I'm so sorry baby, you didn't deserve that. Ugh I know I should've bought a screen protector. You'll be okay promise I'll find a way to fix you." I ran my finger down the crack feeling small pieces of glass. "Maybe."

I stood up sadly to see a guy. He was incredibly tall and well built. He had black hair and grey eyes that were currently looking down at me in confusion.

"Are you talking to your phone?"

"Well I'm not talking to you." I glared up at him then turned down to my phone sadly. "Especially after this. I mean honestly." I turn back to him. "What the hell are you doing just standing here. In the middle of an alley. Just standing there like a wall? What's the purpose? What good are you doing? No warning, no 'hey I'm here just standing', no nothing."

"Angel." Someone tried to interrupt me.

"Just letting people walk into you." I continued, ignoring them.

"Angel." The voice tried again.

But I continued, I mean I was just on a roll. There's no stopping me now. "You know, I walked into someone else the other day. I don't know what's wrong with people here. Someone has to be more careful. It's not going to be me, I mean I'm a mess, let's be honest. I'm the clumsiest person alive. So if it's not me it has to be you. And besides that my friend had just texted me. I didn't even get to find out why he wasn't here today. What if he died? I wouldn't know!" I exclaimed.

"Didn't you say he responded?"

I clicked my tongue in annoyance. He was right.

"Look sir. I don't know you, were not close enough for you to be correcting me. Okay?"

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