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When we arrived in the kitchen it was just like yesterday everyone watching me like I was on tv, it started to get annoying but I let it go because Jase was trying his hardest to make a pancake and failing miserably. I took pity on him and swooped in to rescue him, he looked so grateful it was adorable. Keith I think his name was came in followed by a girl with a face so bruised she looked like she went a few rounds with Tyson, he gestured to me with his chin with a stern look on his face .

“Can I help you guys the fun vibe is gone and it’s all serious?”

She went to grab my pan and I swatted her with my spatula, when it comes to the kitchen I was very territorial and she was encroaching.

“Sorry I was just trying to help out, look I’m sorry for last night and your hand, I was out of line and I umm I just I’m so sorry please forgive me?”

She looked into my eyes which I’m sure held mild fascination and surprise, I don’t like confrontation so I decided to be diplomatic since I had no idea what really happened last night it was all still a big blur.

“Look lets just let bygones be bygones, do the dishes and we’re square okay.”

I smiled and she looked so relieved, however Mr. No shirt and jeans looked very displeased but I didn’t really care.  Once everything was finished and Jase was fed we walked back to his room and I grabbed a blue and green dress out of the closet and gave him some clothes I had found in a drawer.

“You look really pretty, where are we going?”

He asked as I walked to that guys room and knocked, I heard shuffling and then he opened the door in a towel with messy wet shaggy hair and a devilish grin.

“To be honest I don’t know where are we going?”

I looked at his eyes that danced with misjif and I didn’t know why but it sent butterflies flittering around my stomach. I grabbed Jases’ hand and turned so he couldn’t see my blush.

“We’ll just meet you down stairs, come on Jase.”

He walked beside me quietly looking back at the guy, I looked down at him and he smiled at me and looked down stairs and his smile quickly turned to dread and I felt him to begin to shake as he moved slightly behind me. Looking downstairs I saw a women and a man that looked like and older wiser version of Cain and Cain all standing together talking, then she turned with the fakest cruelest smile I had ever seen in all my life and looked directly at Jase. Quickly I put myself in between them and her smile faltered ever so, but not before I saw the gleam in her eye.

“Oh honey I’ve missed you so much come down and give me a hug.”

Jase moved more behind me as I began to descend the stairs, once at the bottom she still wouldn’t meet my gaze just looking straight through me at Jase. I snapped my fingers at her to gain her attention and Old Cain I’m guessing his father looked affronted and raised his hand bringing it down on my cheek.

“How dare you disrespect my wife, your nothing but  a lowly human filthy thingget your hand off my son.”

He reached for Jase and I looked at Jase and nodded up the stairs and he was gone up them in seconds, I waited to speak until I heard the click of the lock.

“Listen here, she was looking at him like she was going to eat him alive,”


“I wasn’t finished, you have no right to that child if you let him near this bitch that beats him senseless and then you go at him when she pouts and blames him for defending himself, I have no idea what kind of man would allow that to happen let alone take part in it, you will not be taking him anywhere, and as for you hitting me I’ll let that go, and me being filthy and human well those are just insulting I’m clean and so what if I am, Cain you shut your mouth or I’ll come at you with a baseball bat again.”

He looked so stunned then went to hit me only to get a nice right hook to his cheek, and I gripped my hand in pain.

“You little bitch, I’ll kill you.”

Just then the jeans guy was coming down the stairs and growled something ferocious and I blanched a little felling the danger that was coming down the stairs, instinct told me to grab his arm so I did and he stopped and looked at my cheek and lightly touched it.

“So where are we going for lunch I’m starved, Jase come on it’s time to go eat.”

Cain looked very pale and then shock utter shock crossed his face and he bowed his head to me slightly, little did I know they were all chatting in their heads about me.

His dad looked at me and turned paper white, it was hysterical I laughed so hard at his expression as Jase grabbed my hand and we walked outside. We went to a big blue truck with a 7-inch lift it was gorgeous, we climbed in and pulled away to some unknown destination.

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