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"Good morning Mia (: "

He texted me

I jumped up and sat there smiling like an idiot.  We texted each other for a while just making small talk for a while , before I knew it we spent the entire day texting . I mean It was a Sunday , I usually just lay in bed all day so it was nice to talk to someone , It's crazy how fast I forgot about everything that happened and honestly I felt a little guilty for starting to have feelings for Adam

Later that night my phone started ringing and when I saw it was Adam my heart started racing , I didn't expect him to call " hello miss mia " my I was so nervous you could hear it in my voice  "hi" I smiled like an idiot .  " I can't talk to long I have to get up early for work, but I'd like to take you out next Friday  what do you say ?" I happily agreed and couldn't even sleep that night I was too excited

We texted all day everyday and talked on the phone every night I felt like I was really starting to get to know him.  And before I knew it Friday was already here

I waited in my pretty dress for him to pick me up. He came to my door dressed so nice and holding the prettiest flowers. It was like something out of a movie I was so shocked . "Hello mia are you ready ? " we got into his car and I don't even know where we were going but I couldn't stop staring at him . I got so into the conversation we were having I didn't even notice we pulled up to a  lake , " how nice , you really didn't have to do this " he just smiled and grabbed my hand "follow me"

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