Chapter four

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Its been a week and that boy is putty in my hands we will do anything i ask excepted invite me over or tea ;) I gave the boy my number and now we text all day long every day ! It's sickining really.. who has that much to say ! He is still managing to stay secretive about his family and when ever someone says my name he flinches!! (Yes, I noticed that! I am a trained assassin!) like, what the hell? I have been playing my part perfectly and I see no reason for him to be acting this way. The weird thing is he just started doing it yesterday. I wonder if some one said something to him? Maybe he's on to me, But that can't be! Or can it

 urg School time ! 

"Hey baby" I wisperd in his ear sending chilles down his spine. 

"umm hey .. look i dont think we should be talking anymore" 

"wwwhat "

"yea, sorry i was honestaly just tying to see if i could get you intrested in me enough to fuck you. But it dosent seem like its heading that way anytime soon..."

"......" I didnt know what to say. Is he serious!?

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