Chapter 25

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"Meredith! Where are you? Meredith, we need to talk!"

Dani recognized the desperation in Dr. Silverman's voice. She was still by the lake waiting for Roberto when his voice became closer and closer.

"Who the Hell let him out?" she muttered before looking around for a place to hide.

"Is that you over there?" his voice carried to where Dani was at. "I won't forgive you for what you said earlier."

Dani didn't want to wait for Dr. Silverman to find out she wasn't his wife. She looked back to where his voice was coming from and to the direction the others had taken. She printed forward with a tiny shred of hope to find them.

"Where the Hell are you going? Stay put Meredith!"

"I'm not your wife! The cops are on their way!" Dani shouted behind her.

"It's you!" Dr. Silverman pointed an angry finger at her. "Because of you, Meredith wants to leave me."

"You're insane!"

"No, I'm right. You ruined everything. I saw the way you looked at me. You tried to seduce me and then when I finally gave in you started to play hard to get."

Dani continued running forward when she spotted a cabin with its lights on. Behind her, Dr. Silverman shouted, "I'll teach you not to play the tease with a real man!"

"Can this night get any worse?" Dani muttered as her sandals seeped into the damp ground.


"What do we do?" Molly whispered, staring at the bleeding female doctor. "She's going to lose her baby."

"Will you shut up?" her husband snapped, taking off his outer layer of clothing. He handed it to Molly, "Press this against her to help stop the bleeding. Hopefully an ambulance will be here soon."

Bo nodded as he was on the cellphone with 911. He couldn't look at Meredith. She kept whispering to save her baby and it was torture to hear. 

Shelly ran over to Jax and Tammy, placing the gun in the pocket of her windbreaker. She wasn't sure what to do with it. "Is she going to be okay?" 

"I've never delivered a baby before but I can't imagine this place is sanitary," Jax muttered. 

"Well Dani said she called the cops and Bo called 911 so someone should be here soon," Shelly grabbed Tammy's hand to help comfort her. 

"You saw Dani? Is she okay?" Jax asked.

"Yes, she had just left Dr. Silverman's cabin. She was looking for you and worried."

"Oh thank God," Jax felt the tension leave his body. "I was so worried something happened to her. Are you sure she was okay?"

Shelly nodded. Tammy squeezed Shelly's hand and squinted her eyes at Jax, "I know you have this thing for Dani and all but do you mind? I'm trying to shove a watermelon out of a pigeonhole here! I hate Derek. If he weren't already in Hell...I'd send him there."

"Who's Derek?" Shelly asked.

"The asshole father of this baby!" Tammy cried. 

"Oh my. Well...just breathe with me," Shelly instructed, trying to help her manage the pain of the contractions.

"I wish I had never gotten pregnant. It's what got me here to begin with," Tammy groaned. "If life had a backspace key...I'd be pounding it right now."

"You don't want your baby?" Shelly asked, her voice tinged with sadness.

"Right now the only thing I want is this baby out of me!"

" you know who brought you here?" Jax asked. "Did you get a good look at him?"

"It wasn't a him. It was a she," Tammy spat. "I did get a good look at her too. She kept talking about how she was going to keep my baby it would complete her family or some crap like that."

"So you'd recognize her if you saw her?" Jax asked.

"Hell yeah I would.  She was crazy. She'd come in and talk to me about her problems. She came by last night too and talked to me for the longest time. Like I care about her not being able to have a baby or how this was the only way to get the man she loves to love her back. How can anyone be so dumb as to think any man would believe the baby she stole was his son?"

"That's why she took you? To steal your baby and pass it as her own?" Shelly asked. "That's"

"Sick," Jax finished for her. 

"She was a total nut job. She followed me from work and forced me to get into the car with her," Tammy explained.

"I'm going to make sure my partner has the officers here help round up everyone at Majestic Waters. You'll have to pick her out of a line-up. Can you do that?" Jax asked.

"If it means getting her behind bars, I'll do it," Tammy screamed again. 

"Jax, I have 911 on the line. Do you want to talk to them until the ambulance gets here?" Bo asked, passing the phone to Jax. "I can't believe we have two pregnant women needing an ambulance."

"Well Majestic Waters has quite a few pregnant people," Shelly reminded him. 

Tammy's contractions were very close. At Jax's instructions, she began pushing. Molly and Simon waited with Meredith while Bo, Shelly, and Jax witnessed Tammy give birth to a healthy baby boy before passing out from the pain. Bo asked Jax if they should use his pocket knife to cut the umbilical chord. Jax shook his head as it wasn't sterilized but Bo used the flame from a lighter to do so.

After they cut the chord, Bo placed the knife down and cooed over the baby as Shelly held him, wrapped in Bo's jacket, "He's perfect. A perfect gift from God. How could she not want her baby?"

"Don't be so hard on her," Jax whispered. "She's had a rough year and that's not including her being held hostage here. She's pretty strong to be handling everything so well this far. I'm going to check on Meredith. The EMTs are probably going to need one of us to lead them here."

"I'll do it," Bo volunteered, taking the phone. This place is pretty far off the map so it's taking them a long time to get here.  We shouldn't waste anymore time trying to find this cabin."

Jax nodded and watched as Bo left the group to lead the medics to the cabin. Shelly followed Jax into the hall where Meredith was still struggling. 

"She's lost a lot of blood," Simon said. "I don't know what else we can do until the ambulance takes her to the hospital.

"Please save my baby. All...all my fault," Meredith whispered.

"What's all your fault?" Molly asked.

Simon glared at her but Molly ignored him. She wanted to keep Meredith conscious.

"She was pregnant and wanted help but I...I ignored her. I thought she was lying. She came here to threaten us but Bart kicked her out."

Jax crouched down near Meredith, "What are you talking about?"

"She did it herself...but I didn't help her. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry!"

"What are you saying?" Simon asked.

"I met her and there was so much blood. I didn't take her to the hospital. I just left her...I'm so sorry. Please save my baby."

"Who are you talking about, Meredith? Who didn't you take to the hospital?" He already knew the answer but Jax wanted to hear it from her.

She gave a loud moan as another cramp hit her belly, "Callie Sommerby."

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