Gift from Mike~

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You looked in Vincent's closet to find if there was clothes there, but there was only boxes. You looked at one and readied the word 'toys'. You pulled the boxes down and walked to your room. You placed it under your bed and ran back to Vincent's room. You closed the closet and picked up any dirty clothes you could find. You placed them in the washer and started it up after adding detergent.

You walked back up stairs and to your room. You fixed your room up checking on the box. You had a bad feeling on whats inside it. You knocked on the door across from you. It opened, you looked to see a boy with brown hair covering his eyes. He had a question mark on his face and cat ears like you. But he was wearing....a maid outfit with high black and green striped thigh sock. "H-hello?" he mumbled. " you need your room cleaned?" he shook his head. "No t-thank you, I'm f-fine." He smiled and stepped back as you did the same. "Ok." you walked off as the door closed.

You walked to the next room knocking on it. There was no sound. You opened the door and turn the light on. The blankets where laying on the floor and clothes everywhere. You shrugged and picked the clothes up setting them in a pile. You fixed the sheets and placed the blankets on nicely. You fluffed the pillow and ran downstairs to the laundry. You took the clothes out and threw them in the dryer. You turned the dryer on and ran back up stairs picking the pile of clothes up. As you where walking down the hallway, Mike walked by. He stopped and looked at you as you continued to walk. You placed the clothes in the washer add detergent in. Two arms wrapped around your waist making you jump a little.

You turned to see Mike. "Thanks for cleaning my room." you smiled. "your welcome, I'm just doing my job before Vincent gets home." He let go and walked off as you started the washer. You walked to the kitchen and started to clean the dish.

After some time, you closed the washer and signed. You where tired so you walked to your room. When you where in the hallway, Mike started to follow you. You kept Walking to your room as Mike just followed you. You got nervous as he walked faster. You then ran to your room. When you got to your room you walked in and closed the door quickly. You looked at the doorknob to find no lock on it. You flopped on your bed and signed deeply. Your eyes started to get heavy until Mike ran in and jumped onto you. The door closed as you tried to push Mike off. "Mike, What Are You D-!" you where interrupted with Mike smashing his lips onto yours. You tried to pull away but Mike held your head in place. You gave up and kissed back. He licked your bottom lip asking for entrance. You denied, which was a bad idea. Mike growled as his eyes turn to a dark blue. You whimpered a little and opened your mouth a little. Mike's eye went back to normal as he shoved his tongue in your mouth. He licked around, exploring your caver.

He soon pulled away and licked his lips. You looked at him blushing a little as he got up and unbuckled his pants. "Your going to obey me for once, like a good kitty would, Right?~" you looked away from him. "You're not the boss of me." you heard growl as your ears went back. Your face was turned around as your (e/c) eyes met with black eyes and dark blue pupils. He growled low as you shook. "You Will obey, like a good kitty would, right?!" you nodded slowly. He let go of your jaw and pulled his pants off. He sat on the side of the bed snapping his fingers and pointed in front of him. You crawled down and sat down there. He looked down at you as you look up. He pulled a collar out of your drawer as you stood on your kneels. He put the collar on as the bell chimed. You looked at it as it was (F/C) and smiled. You hugged Mike. He chuckled a little as his eyes went to normal. "Thank you!" you said as he welcomed. You pulled away. "you know what to do right?" he looked down at you as you nodded and pulled his boxer down.

His member sprang out and you looked at it. "Its h-huge!" Mike smirked. "Thanks kitty~" He blushed little as you licked the tip. He leaned back on the bed as you licked up and down it. He groaned as you place him inside your mouth. you started to bob your head as Mike placed his hand behind your head groaning. You continued this but faster. "(Y-Y/N) I'm g-going to cum s-soon." he panted lightly as he tail wagged. This only made you go faster.

After a minute, Mike held your head in place as he cummed. You gag a little and held onto his legs. He let your head go as you pulled away swallowing as much as you can. Mike licked the rest off your lips as you blushed. He pulled you up next to him as he pulled his boxers up. You looked at the time and sign hugging Mike's arm. Mike pulled the blanket up as Scott walked in. He walked over and looked at the both you. "......What are you two doing?!" "Nothing!" Mike burred out. "Theres no time for jacking off!!! Mike, you have work to do and as for you. (Y/N), i guess you can just stay here." Mike signed and got out of bed making Scott step back. Mike picked his pants up as Scott walked out. You watched as Mike put his pants on and buckled them. He looked at you as you stuck your tongue out a little. Mike kisses you on the lips before walking out and closing the door behind him.

you signed and rolled off the bed. Pulling the box out from under the bed. You looked at the word again and shook like a leaf. You wanted to see but at the same time not. You opened the box and stared. ".....Bad idea...." you closed the box and picked it up. You walked back to Vincent's room and placed the box inside his closet. You closed his closet and checked his bed. You heard the door open as you screamed and hugged onto yourself.

You turned to find Vincent standing there. "um...Hello! Welcome home, M-Master Vincent." he smiled. "thank you, what are you doing here?" you unhugged yourself. "i was checking to see if your bed is still made." He nodded. "Thanks, you may leave now.~" He cooed a little. You walked over as he moved out the way. You walked out to only get a slap on your bum. You squeaked blushing as you ran to your room.

Vincent's chuckles echoed through the hall.

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