Chapter 20- The Friend Zone

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Thanatos’ Bedroom
Thanatos’ Cavern
The Underworld


I gently laid down Aurea in my bed and made her as comfortable as possible. I decided not to bring her to the Underworld Palace for I did not know if she wanted her parents to know about this latest development with her powers. And I didn’t want Hades and Aerith to find out this way.

I sat on one the couch at the foot of the bed while I waited for Aurea to wake up. She seemed fine, she was just really exhausted.

While waiting, I took a look at my surroundings.

I flinched and suddenly felt a bit ashamed. I should’ve cleaned up more. I groaned and stood up to begin tidying my room before she wakes up. I don’t want her thinking that I am a disorganized God or something.

After an hour, everything was fixed but I still felt insecure of my home.

For hundreds of years, I chained myself in one of the caves so that I would not be able to lose control again just like that event which changed my life forever. I shook my head.

No, Thanatos. Don’t go there...

It’s all in the past now.

This is a new start...

Just forget your past...


I chanted it inside my head while I looked at every part of my home. Hades offered me a wing of the Underworld Palace for me to use but I turned it down. He said he has so much space and that he wouldn’t mind but I don’t want to live in the palace.

I wanted to live by myself. And so, Hades directed me to this large cavern. I used my own power to hollow out the rocks and smooth them, to create some rooms and to polish everything so that it would look more like a home than a cave. Right now, it’s the outside which looks like a cave but when you step inside, it’s like entering a normal house with dark walls.

I stepped forward and touched the dark rocks of the cave. This is what drew me to this part of the Underworld. I loved the dark rocks and it seemed fitting for the God of Death, right? So this was where I made my home.

A couple of years ago, Hades sent a mortal called an Interior Designer to my home. She was the one who purchased everything: my furniture, appliances, etc. She was also the one who bought the paintings that adorned my walls. And I was glad of her help for my home became even more beautiful. Hades suggested that we add some more gems and gold but I put my foot down and declined. And when the renovation of my home was completed, Hades wiped the mortal’s memory of the Underworld away.

And right now, as I gazed around my home and took in the simple design and furniture, I wondered what Aurea was going to think. Would she like it or would she miss the gems and the gold that adorned Hades’ Palace?

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