~Chapter 31~

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Evening grew as the greathall filled with the village folks and all well wishers. Food in mass quantity was placed above the tables. Serving maids passed with trenchers of select meats and mugs of Ale.

Music traveled throughout the keep in full throll of the nights merriment. Dancers filled the middle of the hall and kicked up their heals in tune to the beat. All around her familiar faces smiled and congratulated her and took her hand in a warm hand shake to wish her well.

She smiled back trying her best not to shed a tear. Their heart felt cheers and happiness for her marriage with Duncan was too much. If they only new what this union might do. She took in a shaky breath of relief as they left her side and went to him.

She looked at him from across the table and took in his features. Tara's heart beat an unsteady rhythm as she stared at Duncan, who looked devastatingly handsome dressed in his most elegant attire. Then their eyes met briefly. She was sitting across from pure male beauty and she could do nothing but squirm beneath his gaze.
How was she ever going to manage being without him.

Trying not to think of the tearful farewell or the doubtful future ahead of her, she looked away just in time not to meet his gaze full on. She looked around to find Aidan. The signal was when he crossed from the stairs to the main entrance she would follow towards the outer bailey walls shortly after where he will wait with a horse.

The plan is to visit the seer in the far east side of the keeps walls in the forest where her hut was located. She would get her information then.

Ever so often slightly she smiled at him then looking down at her untouched meal that grew colder by the minute.

She slowly shook herself from her thoughts in time to see one of his men stand to give a toast.

"To Lord Duncan, may he be as fierce and swift in the marriage bed as he is on the battlefield," a guard yelled.

Hurrahs and claps rose throughout the hall with boisterous laughs.

Her eyes met his and she felt heat growing up her neck to her face as he winked with a teasing grin.

"To lady Tara, may she bring forth a healthy parcel of Du'Bec heirs to run Chaswick lands," a guard in the far corner shouted.

Another round of hurrahs echoed throughout the hall followed by music and laughter.

Her eyes suddenly locked with his. They held a passionate glare with each taunting word from the well wishers in the hall. Her heart fluttered with the thought of having children. His children.

Immediately she looked away, those thoughts were not suppose to run through her head. She chastised herself.
Soon after they all continued on to the dancing of the evening. Couples from all around walked out to begin dancing and she panicked. She honestly had no desire to take part in this. Her eyes rose to the far side of the hall towards the entrance just in time as Aidan quickly looked her way and nodded. The signal.

She smiled at Duncan and pointed in a gesture that she would return. Giving him her sweetest smile. He nodded and continued talking with his father.

She stood carefully not wanting any attention on her so she could sneak out. She looked around and noticed the merriment had everyone's attention else where.

She felt unease at that moment. What if this was it? Her final farewell that the Seer would actually be able to send her back. She hung on to that hope with reluctance because their was a part of her that really didn't want to leave.

She took a deep breath and turned away. She found herself in the cool dark night in the courtyard. Quickly she darted to the far corner of the Walls and made her way out of the gates. The guards very few insight walked in opposite directions uncoordinated and missed her by mere seconds before she sprinted over the porticullis towards the outer wall.

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