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a/n: this chap has a shit ton of conjugation errors I'm too lazy to fix

I can't believe they're out of Cookie Crisp," Calum muttered under his breath as he scanned the cereal aisle for his favourite kind. Unfortunately, they seemed to be all out, and so with a sigh, he reaches for the box of Cocoa Pebbles.

Now, he might be a grown man with his own apartment and an actual job, but nothing could stop him from eating cereal drenched in chocolate, deemed for "little kids". There really wasn't anything wrong with that in his opinion, anyways.

Speaking of little kids, the grocery store seemed to be filled with them today. Not that he minded, really. He was an elementary school teacher, after all.

As he put the box of Cocoa Pebbles in his cart and began to walk away, he felt a tug at his jeans. Looking down, he saw a little girl with bright hazel eyes and brown hair staring up at him, eyes wide.

"Excuse me sir, but you're really tall. Could you help me and my sister?"

Calum looked over to where she was pointing, seeing another little girl standing and watching them. There was no doubt that the two of them were sisters, even though one was in overalls and the one tugging at his pants was in a dress.

"Yeah, of course!" He smiles, following the girl.

"Shael! You did it!" the girl's sister exclaims, clapping her little hands together. Upon closer inspection, Calum realises that they're most definitely twins.

The one who came to get him, Shael, beams proudly before pointing up to a box of cereal on the shelf. "We can't reach that! Could you get it for us, please?"

"We told our daddy we'd get him his favourite cereal all by ourselves," the sister interjects.

Calum looks over at the many different types of Cheerios, and asks, "Okay, which one is it?"

"The honey ones!"

With a smile, Calum straightens himself out before plucking the box off the shelf and handing it to the girl in the dress.

Before he could get in another word, however, he hears a man calling out "There you are!" and looks up to see a tall, blond man approaching the three of them.

A tall, really fucking attractive man if he says so himself. He was wearing a muscle tee, showing off his arms, one of which was covered in tattoos, all the way till his knuckles. The other one was still a little bare, only inked at the very top.

"Hey, I'm sorry," he tells Calum, blue eyes wide. "I hope they weren't bothering you, I just-"

"It's alright, man!" Calum smiles, standing up as the two girls rush to who he assumes to be their father. He realises he's still holding the box of Cheerios, and hands it to the blond man. "They just needed help reaching this."

"Oh," is his answer. He looks down at the box then back up at Calum, as if trying to comprehend something.

He just ends up shaking his head, giving Calum a smile. "Well, thank you," he says, before telling his daughters to do the same.

"You're welcome." Calum smiles, returning to his own cart as they walk away.

He felt so awkward. There was so much he could've said, so much he wanted to say, but the man was clearly at a whole different level than Calum. Probably happily married, settled down in a nice house... He couldn't just randomly hit on strangers in a grocery store. Especially not one with two daughters!

Shaking his head, Calum continues down the aisles, unknowing of what was to come.

a/n: yay! Here's the first chapter. It's short, but the next ones will be way longer. Tell me whatcha think :-) ily!

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