❝am I a grammar nazi?❞

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wattpad rants | am I a grammar nazi?

So I was talking to my Mum the other day, you know. In my family, they call me a grammar nazi. I suppose that's true- and the same goes for many people on wattpad.

But I have a question for you guys. I want honest opinions.

Is it offensive to correct people's spelling and grammar?

My Mum told me it was, and I do know people that become quite annoyed with it. I just don't understand and want to know what you all think.

I know this is wattpad, "The largest e-book community"- so it's alright to want to give some feedback to improve from a fellow author, right? Isn't that partly the point of this whole website?

Anyway, I'm a grammar nazi and proud.

But really, I believe it IS NOT offensive as long as you don't go about it in a patronising way. Be polite and leave a simple message saying, "Just use spellcheck and perhaps take a closer look a grammar use in the third sentence" isn't OFFENSIVE.

Ok, maybe it would be if you were a bitch about it.

But come on. It helps people become better authors, in a sense. If my English teacher hadn't changed my "definatly" to "definitely" a few days ago I'd still be going around using it incorrectly.

Sometimes, authors are grateful you've pointed things out that they've missed.

Anyway, I'm kinda just making this rant to make a point to my Mum. And you guys can help me!

Does anyone know any obvious fake kik accounts I can talk to? I'm doing some what-I-call "research" for The Adventurous Internet Adventures of Ruby Red ;)

My kik account is @cowbite, you should talk to me! Although say who you are or I'll think you're a stalker or something...


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