Carmen stirred at the sound of music. Mahler's third symphony glided into her ears, filling her head with thoughts of song. It wasn't the worst way to wake up after accidentally eating your brother. But then the song shifted into a harsher sound. From a sweet lull it became corrupted, now playing a haunting melody that grated her eardrums.

She opened her eyes and looked at her surroundings. She wasn't in the hotel anymore, which she was grateful for. Unfortunately, that was the only positive thing she could think of. Once she could make out the room with the bare candle light present, she realised she was in the Bellisario family home. Her nightmare of Amelia being a walking corpse was hard, cold reality.

It wasn't Amelia who kept her company in this room, but her creepy daughter Arabella. She sat at the end of the bed with her teddy bear, stroking its face with her flesh-craved hands. One of her eyelids was missing and chunks of her hair looked like they had been ripped from her scalp. She was rotting by the minute. Just how much would she rot before her life would end, or would she still be walking around if all that remained was her skeleton?

Carmen bolted upright. The sheets on the bed felt damp. The pillows behind her stunk of dead meat. The smell never bothered its owner, but Carmen felt herself heave at the thought of her body touching such a disgusting object.

Arabella waited for Carmen to stop panting so loudly before she talked. Something about her decomposing throat made her speech slightly impaired, turning her voice scratchy and deep. "Do you want to be my friend?" She eventually said.

Carmen continued to look at her in horror. She didn't want to upset her, but she didn't want to encourage her either, no matter what her sick plan was. "No."

"That's a shame." Arabella didn't have a very strong reaction to her refusal. She continued to stroke her bear, holding it a little tighter than before. "If you were my friend, I would have told you what my family plan to do to you and your friends. There's nothing you can do about it, but at least you would be prepared for what's coming."

"I don't think I want to know," Carmen gulped, only expecting the worst. A cannibalistic family was holding her hostage in their home and they have a strong grudge against her. It was fairly obvious what was going to transpire.

"But if you're not my friend, you can't play with me either," Arabella said as she stopped stroking the bear. Her face was less relaxed than before. Her furrowed brow caused a chunk of skin to roll down from her forehead and down her cheek. "That makes me mad."

The demonic little girl twisted the head of her teddy bear, revealing her animalistic strength as the head popped off in a single squeeze. She threw the head to the ground.

"If that was your head, I would eat it off the floor."

Vile, was all Carmen could think. She was now paralysed with fear. She wasn't sure she had the energy to fight the little girl who appeared far stronger than a regular child. As Arabella turned her head, Carmen could see the dirty pink bow in her hair had slowly slithered down but remained intact.

"What would I have to do to be your friend?"

The girl turned and smiled at her victim. "Do you want to be my friend after all?"


"Then all you have to do..." she started as she picked something up from the floor at the bottom of the bed. Carmen couldn't see what was there, but Arabella soon lifted it and showed her. " finish this."

It was the pie with her brother's flesh in it. Carmen began to heave, but there was nothing left in her stomach to come up. Arabella giggled.

"I'm only kidding. You don't have to eat it. I'll do it for you." Arabella began eating the pie with her bare hands. Some of it fell out of her throat when she swallowed. "That's what friends are for," she said with the meat stuck in her mouldy teeth.

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