Chapter 14: A Nightmare For A Loss.







That night my body closed down on itself; I could no longer stand. For that I cursed the human body.

However, with the much needed sleep, came a loss so deep it hurt.

Hidden within the shadows of the tall green ferns in the most uncomfortable position ever – I had a nightmare.

Ivan told me I had woken up four times with the whites of my eyes glowing in the darkness, thrashing around at nothing. They had to hold me down to prevent the noise, which ended Ivan up with a bite on his forearm. He rubbed the bite every two minutes like I had given him a disease.

Marinie added, tiredly - yet still showing plenty of concern, that they had had to check if I was alive after my thrashing fits died.

The only thing I could remember was darkness. Darkness everywhere. It leaked from my skin, my eyes, my open mouth readying to scream.

Nevertheless, we forced ourselves on through the taunting maze, jumping at any noise and fighting to stay awake.

About an hour since we woke up, I heard another set of footsteps.

I held up a hand to my exhausted group and we stilled, not even a breath being shared.

Yes. Footsteps.

To the right of us two pairs of footsteps very quietly made their way through the maze, like us, coming from the other direction. Their voices were kept low as they spoke, only a few murmurs here and there.

Or are they left of us?

My head spun. I blinked in time to see two forms turning the corner.

Just as my lips were forming the forms “run!”, the one on the right – Felic – smirked. Something glinted in his hand, catching a tiny ray of sunlight which shone through the trees. His hand jerked.

It took only a second to realize that his hand hadn’t jerked to fling his weapon at us.

Instead, it now stuck out of his partner’s back. I easily recognised Danny from 1, even through the tiny cuts that ran down his handsome face from fingernails. Even as his green eyes bulged, darkening slightly, as his hands go down to his new wound in his stomach.

Danny’s smirk evaporated. He looked up at his comrade, just as his partner slid out the bloody red knife and slit it across his neck with as much skill as a cat on a wire fence.

Danny fell like a tree, blood gushing out like a flood.

I flick out my whip, holding it protectively in front of me.

Felix only regarded me with a sneer and kicked his close to death mate. “That’s for calling Keiri a whore.” Then he spat on him, turning to me as he wiped his mouth. “Well hello there.”

“Starting up a conversation now?” I narrowed my eyes, trying to still my shaking breath.

Careers aren’t Careers for anything. They all have more experience than I. I have to get past him to get Ivan and Marinie out alive.

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