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My alarm blaring woke me up on a sunny Friday morning. The outside light was beating right down on my face. I blindly shuffled around to slap it to make it stop. A smile came across my face with the wonderful thought of today being my last day of work.

I hopped out of bed with a huff, and did a mini tiered dance. I loved my job, I loved helping people, but now, I would finally be free to do what I wanted to do with my clients.

Working in a rehabilitation center for injured people isn't as simple as it seemed.

Some patients I had to help hated me for the simple fact of the way I looked. They we're intimidated by my "good" looks, so they would treat me bad, and give me shít the entire time I was on the schedule to help them cope with their injuries.

I didn't get why people were so intimidated by me, but I never said anything. I wasn't anything special.

Anywhere I went, people would be so turned off by me and I just never could understand why. Was I really that mean looking? Did I smell weird?

Anyways, my great mood wouldn't be ruined by anyone else.

I danced and sang lightly all the way to the shower to get ready for the day. I had my new special assignment to look forward to, and nothing was going to make me unhappy today.


On the way to my last day in the office, I returned my mom's call that I missed when I was in the shower.

The dial tone was heard only twice before my mom answered. "Hey Bear," she answered. My family had dubbed me with the nickname "Bear Bear", which sometimes got shortened to just "Bear". It was a cute, random name, and I didn't mind being called by it.

"Hey, you called?" I spoke. "Yeah, isn't today your last day at the facility?" my mom asked. I smiled at the thought of finally being free. "It sure is, why?" I asked as I turned into the parking lot. "I gathered up some people and wanted to have a small get together to celebrate your last day. Come by my house at about 6:30. We'll all be here," I could hear the smile in her voice. She was happy and in a good mood today. Rare.

"Mom, you didn't have to do all of this. I'll still be working, just not in the building," I tried to explain. She let out a small gasp. "Nonsense! Bring chip dip. Got to go, see ya later Bear." she hung up. I sighed and pulled into my usual parking spot.

I quickly jumped out of the car, ready to get my day over with. Grabbing my bag and phone, I paced inside the building, through the side entrance.

The Bywater Health and Rehabilitation Center was connected to the local mall. The city of Bywater was entirely too fancy, but that's what I liked about it.

It was connected to the Meridian Mall, which meant my whole life was spent here. I would literally leave work out of the front entrance and spend my whole day shopping. There was a Target here, a big one with an escalator, and groceries, so I literally didn't have to go anywhere but here.

I walked in the staff room and quickly put my things in my locker. My 'hi's' were said to people who congratulated me on finally getting my own patient to take care of over the summer. The date was May 22nd, and on June 1st, I would literally be responsible for someone's whole life.

The day went by quickly as I did my normal routine. Helping patients walk around our building, and in the training room. I even helped a four year girl who had in-turned feet walk on our baby course.

Soon. it was lunchtime, so I headed out of the building to the mall food court. "Tyves, wait up!" I heard Nadia call from behind me. "Hey," I smiled and and waited for to get closer. "Where are you going?" she spoke with a huff. I thought for a minute.

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