Bye, Bye Virginity - Part 5

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P.S *A Random Thought* Have you guys ever noticed how the word 'Guy' Referres to a male, you no a boy or a man what ever. You never say 'Hey Guy' to a girl...And yet if you add an 's' to guy, it become 'guys' which can referre to both males and females. Weird eh?

Anyways... Back to the story!

Chapter 5

The sun was setting as I stared out my bedroom window. The sky was a breathtakingly beautiful shade of pink as the sun faded out of sight on the horizon. I let a loud sigh escape my lips as I thought about my day at school. I still couldn't decipher the mixed signals Damen had been sending me. Maybe there was a man code to crack to understand this type of behaviour?

After the little incident in the janitor's closet and the verbal warning from the bitch squad, I hadn't seen Damen for the rest of the day. He tried to tell me he liked me and denied Tiffany and Jessica's seductive advances; indicating I was more than just a conquest. But then, just when I thought maybe something could happen between us, he turned around and proved me wrong once again.

I walked over to my bed and flopped down with frustration. Ever since Friday night, I couldn't seem to get this stupid boy out of my head. I mean, sure, he took my virginity away, but that still did not reserve him a spot in my heart! Any guy who could treat a girl with such disrespect deserves nothing more than to be punched right in the face.


The sound of something hard hitting glass interrupted my thoughts as I rolled my head to the side and looked at nothing but the night sky through my window. Must of just been my imagination, I thought to myself as I went back to staring up at the ceiling; willing the answers to be written there or praying for a divine intervention.


The sound came again, causing me to spring up into a sitting position. I stared out my window as if expecting to see something. But, frankly, I was on the second floor so what was I intending to see? A blind woodpecker, who couldn't tell the difference between glass and wood, perched on my window sill chipping away at the glass? Yah, I highly doubt it!

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